Lessons We Learned from Boomerang Clients

In the world of retail media and marketplace advertising, great sellers track every dollar spent or made across their business. Many come to Quartile after managing their ad campaigns manually for..

2 Min Read
Avenues of Opportunity: Google and Quartile Make the Case for Amazon Sellers to Diversify Ecomm Traffic

Our “Friday Feature” webinar series continued with “Diversify Your E-Commerce Traffic Sources: Google Search for Amazon Sellers,” featuring John Kennard of Google Shopping. It includes a lively..

2 Min Read
Ecomm’s New Normal: The Good, The Bad, and The Promising

The profession of marketing has always been known for being both intensely competitive and intensely collaborative. Prior to Covid, many marketers relied on a wealth of conference opportunities to..

1 Min Read
Amazon Sponsored Display Ads Now Offer Optimizations for Viewability

Sellers can now buy and optimize Sponsored Display ads on Amazon based on whether they were viewed. 

2 Min Read
Small Batch Coffee, Big Sales Targets: Bom Dia Brands

Bom Dia Brands is a small business and a registered seller on Amazon that takes pride in their cup of joe. They create small-batch flavored coffees and various coffee products that avoid the use of..

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