The World’s Largest
E-Commerce Cross-Channel
Ad Platform

Quartile has developed the most advanced platform to manage every e-commerce marketing channel, from search to marketplaces and social. Managing over $2 billion in ad spend annually, our A.I. technology platform and experienced marketing experts will help you supercharge ROI on the channels that matter most to you.


The Quartile Platform Ensures You Never Miss an Opportunity

Automated Campaign Creation

Eliminate time-consuming manual management with a data-driven, automated campaign setup that creates ads at scale, tailored to your business goals.

Advanced Audience Targeting

Develop valuable audiences based on demographic, contextual, and intent-based variables. Eliminate manual audience builds to amplify your prospecting and retargeting efforts.

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Intelligent Budget Allocation

Drive greater returns by allocating budget to your most valuable channels, products, and keywords. You control the budget amount, and Quartile maximizes it for the greatest returns on every channel.

Unified Reporting

Achieve a single view of your e-commerce marketing performance and attribution while unlocking profitable cross-channel insights with Quartile’s custom reports.

Quartile Helps You Reach Your Most Valuable Shoppers On:

Amazon Advertising

Amazon DSP

Google Search

Google Shopping

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Instacart Advertising

Walmart Connect

Facebook Advertising


On Average
our Customers See

    • 38% Increase in Revenue

    • 18% Increase in Orders

    • 41% Increase in ROAS

    • 33% Increase in Conversion Rate

Cross-Channel Growth in First 90 Days After Launching with Quartile


Average Cross-channel Growth After Launching With Quartile


Best-in-class machine learning
See the impact of true machine learning and artificial intelligence on one-to-one product level campaigns


Automated ads management
No more manual configuration of ad groups frees up your time to focus on expanding your product catalogue and strategy


Unified campaign reporting
Stay on top of all your sales and revenue in one platform from anywhere with custom reports


Seamless account integration
Get up and running with Quartile in less than 48 hours – virtually no downtime on your campaigns


Dedicated customer services
Speak with an account executive to see how the Quartile platform can improve your e-commerce sales

$2B in Ad Spend Under Management Yearly
38% Increase in Revenue

Quartile's artificial intelligence platform gets better at optimization every day.
That directly impacts the metrics that matter to you the most: total sales, profits, and ROAS. In addition to best-in-class technology, Quartile combines years of experience and expertise in e-commerce and advertising to deliver quality managed service for our clients across Google, Facebook, Amazon, and more.

Delivering solid results for 5,600+ Brands and Sellers


How The Warming Store Used Cross-Channel Marketing to Improve Efficiency 37%

Cross-channel promotion is also pivotal to The Warming Store’s success, and it relies on Quartile to manage six unique online channels: Google Shopping and paid search, Bing Shopping and paid search, Facebook, and Amazon.

Using performance data and cross-channel insights to inform its strategy, Quartile’s technology was able to build a cohesive marketing approach that engaged shoppers at every stage of the shopping journey.

“It takes a lot of communication and coordination to advertise across multiple channels. I was confident Quartile’s team would deliver results. We’ve not only met but exceeded our goals on Google, Bing, Facebook, and Amazon,” says Justin Silverman, Co-founder of The Warming Store.

The Results
  • 25% Increase in Google Shopping ROAS YoY
  • 37% Lift in Google Paid Search ROAS YoY
  • 68% Increase in Facebook Revenue in First Four Months YoY
  • 160% Increase in Amazon Orders YoY

Client and Partner Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it, hear from our clients and partners about how Quartile has improved their sales across every major marketing channel.

"Working with Quartile gives us more time to focus on industry trends and make sure we’re staying relevant. We’re able to dig into our business and share important information with our Quartile team, and then they incorporate it into a strategy that makes sense for our business. For us, that’s a major win."
Joe Schaefer President,
“Quartile's Amazon Attribution integration put Facebook, Instagram, and Google engagement metrics alongside Amazon conversion and sales metrics. This allowed us to create a truly full-funnel strategy that led to over 100% sales growth for our brand on Amazon this year.”
Gordon Gould SmartyPants Vitamins


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