Quartile Versa

Customizable campaign structure and advanced rule-based optimizations for maximum performance

Quartile Versa is an approach within Quartile One, our AI-powered Amazon PPC campaign management platform, that allows brands and agencies to adopt a more flexible advertising campaign structure.

Now, you can meet specific business goals and deliver outstanding results by leveraging your own campaign structure and/or customized rules alongside Quartile’s powerful AI.


Improve your Amazon PPC campaigns with Quartile Versa

Set your own strategy

Change your goals, not your structure. You no longer have to rely on thousands of single keyword campaigns to get the best results.

Performance at Scale

Adjust advertising spending at each stage of the structure: from the account to the campaign; or down to the ASIN level.

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Reduce Waste

Get rid of poor-performing keywords. Set customized threshold rules based on clicks or conversions to minimize ad waste when promoting or negating keywords-based campaigns.

Glean valuable insights from custom reports

Utilize a drag-and-drop table builder and easily segment, filter, and tag campaigns.

Custom strategies to achieve goals and track metrics
that matter most to your brand


Flexible Campaign Structure
Select your desired campaign structure, whether it’s a custom structure that aligns with your specific needs, Quartile One structure of a granular approach of one campaign per keyword, or combination of both.


Rules-Based Optimization
Create your own rules. Optimize bids, budgets, and apply these rules to one or more campaigns. Automatically run these rules daily, weekly, or monthly alongside or in place of the Quartile AI.


Seamless Campaign Import
Easily import your existing campaigns into Quartile Versa. Incorporate your original campaign and structure single-keyword campaigns for maximum performance. Maintain campaign history while improving performance.


Targeted Budget Allocation
Allocate budgets specifically for branded terms, competitor targeting, or other customized segments. Set distinct budgets for different campaign categories, allowing for more precise budget management and optimized ad spend.


Self-Service Capabilities
Take more control of your advertising efforts with the tools and features needed to manage your campaigns independently. Quartile Versa is designed to be user-friendly, particularly for agencies and brands that prefer a self-service approach.


Multiple campaign structures and optimization combinations to meet your needs

Quartile offers the flexibility to have all or some of your campaign structures and optimizations run with Quartile One, Quartile Versa, or a combination of both.


Delivering solid results for 5,300+ Brands and Sellers


Don’t take it from us...

Both our clients and the industry recognize Quartile as the best technology
and the world’s largest eCommerce advertising platform.

With a comprehensive growth strategy,
Restaurantware achieved a three-fold
increase in sales and sharpened its
presence in the Home & Kitchen category
in the Amazon store.


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