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Tips for Boosting Sales Growth on Amazon Prime Day 2024

Amazon Prime Day presentsan opportunity for brands and sellers to boost sales and reach new customers. With more than 200 million Prime members worldwide, this massive two-day shopping event can help..

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Visualize KPIs and Competitive Insights with the Quartile Benchmark Tool

For Amazon sellers, standing out among the competition is no longer an aspiration but a necessity for achieving sustainable success. Tapping into key performance indicators (KPIs) will uncover..

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Achieving Adaptability and Efficiency with Single Keyword Campaigns

Single keyword campaigns have remained a powerful strategy for maximizing pay-per-click (PPC) budgets and reaching high-intent shoppers. Amid fierce competition and evolving shopper behaviors, a..

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Case Studies


Boldify Restores Amazon Performance and Achieves Record Sales Growth During Peak Season

Founded in 2016, Boldify is a leading haircare brand that creates products to enrich hair health and appearance through a proprietary blend of well-researched ingredients.


Multitouch Advertising Strategy and Real-Time Optimization Deliver Record Sales for Capezio

Founded in 1887 by an Italian immigrant, Capezio has shaped the dance landscape with innovative dancewear and footwear, catering to dancers at every level. Its products have become indispensable in dance schools and are prominent in TV shows, movies, Broadway productions, and international tours.


How The Warming Store Used Cross-Channel Marketing to Improve Efficiency 37%

The retailer has a diverse digital advertising mix. In addition to its website, it promotes products on Google and Bing’s shopping and paid search channels as well as Facebook and Amazon. The Warming Store relies on Quartile to manage these advertising platforms while delivering consistent growth and cross-channel insights.


Discount Tackle Exceeds ROAS Targets for Search and Social with Quartile

Discount Tackle, a fishing supply retailer, struggled to meet its performance goals on Facebook and Google Shopping. One major hurdle was the amount of time the team had to spend managing and updating campaigns. That’s why the retailer decided to partner with Quartile. Taking advantage of automated machine learning technology as well as Quartile’s team of marketing experts, Discount Tackle was able to increase Google Shopping ROAS by 61% and increase Facebook ad revenue by over 10x while saving hours of manual work.


How Office Supply Used Audience Segmentation to Grow Google Ads Revenue 67%

For Office Supply, an online retailer selling office and janitorial supplies, office furniture, and office technology products, the key to reaching new customers was to expand its digital footprint into new advertising channels.


How GoFoodservice Doubled Google Ads ROAS With Strategic Keyword Bidding

GoFoodservice is a leading online retailer for restaurant industry equipment and supplies. With over 30,000 SKUs and counting, the retailer sells a broad range of products, from traditional machineries like refrigerators and ice machines to disposable products like paper plates and hand sanitizer.

Health-Ade Quartile Review

Health-Ade Drives Record Sales in H1 2021 with Instacart Ads via Quartile

Health-Ade added Instacart as a new paid channel in April 2020 in an effort to broaden their reach on the Instacart marketplace. Using branded and niche search terms, they sought to increase sales and share of voice in the highly competitive kombucha drinks category. 


How Gary's Wine Maximized Revenue on Google Ads and Facebook

Gary’s Wine knew it was imperative to have the best partner possible to grow its online advertising revenue and simplify advertising wine across Google, Bing, and Facebook. That’s why Gary’s Wine partnered with Quartile.


How Summit Sports Grew Amazon Advertising Revenue Exponentially

Summit Sports is the parent company of several sporting goods brands that sell products on Amazon. It wanted a simple, fast, and automated solution to manage its over 25,000 SKUs on the marketplace. Because Summit Sports sells highly seasonal products like kayaks, skis, and backpacking gear, the enterprise retailer needed a solution that could adapt to the peaks and valleys of its diverse shopping seasons.


The CPAP Shop Embraces a Multichannel Approach to Achieve Double-Digit ROAS Growth

The CPAP Shop team engaged Quartile to build an integrated A.I.-based advertising strategy. By automating campaign optimization, the retailer aimed to identify products in its catalog that could increase average order value (AOV) and allocate the proper budget to these products to improve return on advertising spend (ROAS). Plus, it needed a scalable way to grow its cross-channel advertising using a unified platform. Quartile proved to be the ideal partner and grew ROI on every ad channel.

Aquatic Experts + Quartile

Aquatic Experts Increased Amazon Sales by 10-25% With Quartile A.I. and Automation

Aquatic Experts needed to free up resources it had been using to manage their growing retail media and PPC campaigns. After evaluating several vendors, they ultimately went with Quartile due to its powerful blend of artificial intelligence-powered automation and bespoke account management. Quartile helped Aquatic Experts grow sales by 10-25% in three months.

SmartyPants Amazon Ads

Combining Amazon and non-Amazon Media Leads to Over 100% Growth for SmartyPants

Founded in 2011 by a group of concerned parents and leaders in health & wellness, SmartyPants is on a mission to simplify health without sacrificing quality. As industry leaders in testing, transparency, and advocacy, from sourcing the highest-quality ingredients to testing and packaging, the brand wanted to apply this same philosophy to its advertising campaigns.

Find out how SmartyPants’ cross-channel advertising strategy, enabled by Quartile, helped the brand achieve over 100% year-over-year sales growth in October 2020.

Bom Dia Amazon Ads

How Bom Dia Brands and Quartile developed a plan to drive increased sales with Amazon Advertising

Bom Dia Brands is a small business and a registered seller on Amazon that takes pride in their cup of joe. 

Bom Dia knew that they needed a partner that could help them increase their
Amazon sales and return on ad spend, so they chose to work with Quartile which allowed them to optimize performance and automate the management of their campaigns.

As a result, of the combined efforts, and with strong strategic guidance from Quartile, Bom Dia Brands saw multiple improvements as of June 2019.

NutraChamps Amazon Ads

Nutrition Company, NutraChamps Sees a Reduced ACoS of 10-25% in Three Months

NutraChamps is a nutritional supplement company committed to helping people throughout their journey towards achieving optimal health, wellness, & longevity. With premium-quality, naturally sourced ingredients, the goal is to help people live healthier and happier lives. 

Read now to find out the business challenges that led NutraChamps to evaluate and ultimately select Quartile, and how the key features and functionalities increased the monthly Amazon sales on average making this company a million-dollar Amazon seller.

Amazon Ads

Medium Enterprise Clothing and Sportswear Brand Increased Amazon Sales by up to 50% and Reduced ACoS by 25%

As a result of this medium enterprise clothing and sportswear brand to evaluate software solutions, this company increased sales from PPC campaigns, better optimization for every campaign, expanded sales into new categories of products, experienced better tracking of each product listing, and much more! 

Quartile optimized their ad spend in one to four weeks, investment sales and revenue grew on Amazon by 25-50%, and their advertising cost of sales (ACoS) on Amazon decreased by 10-25%. 

Amazon Ads

Million Dollar Amazon Seller Glorified Enterprises USA Experienced 25-50% Growth in Three Months

Connecting with their Amazon Seller and vendor accounts, Glorified Enterprises was evaluating vendors and ultimately selected Quartile due to the need for a service that can manage PPC campaigns, bidding automatically with advanced Artificial Intelligence while eliminating manually managing large e-commerce media and keyword PPC campaigns. 

With the help of Quartile's key features and functionalities that Glorified Enterprises use, they experienced a 25-50% growth in three months! Read now to find out how Quartile can help you too!

Dalstrong Amazon Ads

Consumer Product Seller, Dalstrong Experienced Improved Sales and Lower ACoS in Less Than a Week

Founded in 2014 and trusted by over 450k chefs, Dalstrong believes in the power of cooking to unite us and bring out the best in people. Their tools were created and made to empower our creative journey and, in some cases, take our professional careers to the next level.

With their product innovation, beauty, and functionality, Dalstrong needed an automation solution to shift from manually managing large e-commerce media and keyword PPC campaigns, leading them to evaluate vendors and ultimately select Quartile. 

As a result, Quartile optimized Dalstrong's ad spend in two days to a week enabling them to expand their advertising program to reach new customers and much more. 

Retail Amazon Ads

Retail Company Increased Sales by 50% and decreased ACoS on Amazon by 10-25%

Freeing up their time for strategy and peace of mind, this million-dollar retail company connected and utilized Quartile with their Amazon Seller with monthly sales of 1M+. 

Find out how Quartile increased their total sales in three months on Amazon by lowering the barriers to entry for new types of ads on Amazon (Sponsored Brands, DSP, etc)., while unlocking new keywords/ASIN targets making it easy to rapidly create new campaigns. 

MegaRhino Amazon Ad

MegaRhino Retail Increases Sales 10-25% While Lowering TACoS 10% Within Three Months

MegaRhino specializes in data-driven, multi-channel, e-commerce marketing, and retail.

With monthly average Amazon sales between $500,000-1,000,000 and manually managing large media and keyword PPC campaigns, MegaRhino ultimately chose Quartile after evaluating vendors. As a result, increased sales by 10-25% while lowering the total advertising cost of sales (TACoS) by 10% in three months.  

Healthcare Seller Amazon Ads

Healthcare Seller Sees 25% Sales Growth Within Four Weeks

While challenged with manually managing large e-commerce media and keyword PPC campaigns, this million-dollar healthcare seller was in need of a service to automatically bid with advanced Artificial Intelligence. 

Quartile's machine learning platform has increased this seller's sales seeing a 25% sales growth within four weeks. Find out how they achieved their results!

Food Company Amazon Ads

Small Business Food Company Increased Sales by 10%

Connecting and utilizing Quartile with their Seller account, this small business food company averaged monthly sales between $50,000-100,000 and increased their sales by 10%.

See how this business wanted a service that managed PPC campaigns and bidding automatically with advanced Artificial Intelligence which resulted in better optimization and decreased our advertising cost of sales (ACoS) on Amazon by up to 10%.

Aerospace and Defense Amazon Ads

Medium Enterprise Aerospace and Defense Company Reduced ACoS by 25-50% in Three Months

Looking for an Amazon DSP, this aerospace and defense company wanted a service that managed their PPC campaigns and bidding automatically.

As a result of using Quartile, this company optimized their ad spend in three months, their investment in Quartile increased sales and revenue on Amazon by 10-25%, and decreased their advertising cost of sales by 25-50%. 

Read more to find out how Quartile helped lower the barriers to entry for new types of ads on Amazon. 

Medium Entertainment Amazon Ads

Media & Entertainment Company Increase Sales by 50% with Quartile

With Quartile's seamless integration and fast start-up on Amazon Advertising, this small business media and entertainment company increased sales by 50%. 

See how Quartile optimized their ad spend in one to four weeks,  increased sales and revenue on Amazon by 50% or more, and decreased their advertising cost of sales on Amazon by 10-25%. 


How 4imprint Unlocked B2B Customer Acquisition on Google Shopping

4imprint is a leading promotional merchandise retailer operating in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Ireland. The B2B retailer uses Google Shopping to raise brand awareness and acquire new customers. As Google Shopping grew in importance for its business, 4imprint found manual management burdensome to its digital marketing team. It sought a partner to scale to its tens of thousands of products and bid granularly across its catalog. The partner would also strengthen new customer acquisition and free up team bandwidth—all while providing continuous feedback on campaign performance. That’s when 4imprint turned to Quartile.


Boscov's Jumps to a 46% YoYRevenue Increase on GoogleShopping in 60 Days

Boscov’s is a billion-dollar, independent retailer with 49 department stores in the U.S. Like many retailers, Boscov’s was stretched for resources to strategize and manage its Google Shopping ads while also handling other digital initiatives.


With ROAS up by 120%, Dermstore Unlocks Ongoing Opportunity onGoogle Shopping

This Target subsidiary has no shortage of e-commerce data for its broad product catalog. The challenge is understanding that data and being able to use it to optimize Google Shopping ROI at scale. That’s why Dermstore sought a new partner—Quartile—to turn Google Shopping into a time-saving and cost-efficient revenue driver.

noun_ecommerce site_1682045

How This B2B Manufacturer Quadrupled Efficiency Across Google Ads

The retailer implemented Quartile for Shopping and saw several weeks of positive results. It then began exploring Quartile’s product for paid search on Google. It saw firsthand the benefits of Quartile’s technology and automation in its Google Shopping campaigns. It wanted a similar experience with Quartile for Paid Search. “Quartile helps us understand where opportunity exists for our business across our shopping and paid search campaigns on Google, and what the role of each channel should be in our marketing mix,” said the Marketing Manager.


The Team+Tech Model That Scaled Moosejaw’s Google Shopping Revenue by 82%

Moosejaw offers outdoor apparel and gear from high-end brands, including The North Face, Patagonia, and Marmot. The retailer has aggressive goals to grow Google Shopping traffic and revenue while maintaining return targets that constantly fluctuate with promotions and seasonal demand. Moosejaw realized that achieving this success required a best-of-breed technology combined with dedicated Google Shopping expertise—and found Quartile.

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