Quartile's tips on how brands can stand out with holiday shoppers

The team at Quartile, a proprietary technology tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize advertising for improved performance and growth across Amazon, knows it’s..

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Five Tips to Boost Online Sales During Black Friday & Cyber Monday

It's Thanksgiving week, the lead-up to the biggest sales week in the year. Last year, Cyber Monday recorded the biggest online shopping day in U.S. history, and this year, brands and retailers are..

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Keep Calm and Maintain Your Inventory: Best Practices for Finding Profit Amid the Supply Chain Disruptions

Ocean freight will never be speedy, but it is consistent in terms of time. Even when all is calm in the world, the journey from Shanghai to Long Beach takes 21 days. But Amazon sellers can see..

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Avenues of Opportunity: Google and Quartile Make the Case for Amazon Sellers to Diversify Ecomm Traffic

Our “Friday Feature” webinar series continued with “Diversify Your E-Commerce Traffic Sources: Google Search for Amazon Sellers,” featuring John Kennard of Google Shopping. It includes a lively..

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Thrasio Explains, Why Quartile?

One of the big leaders in buying up and scaling third-party merchants selling on Amazon and other marketplace platforms uses Quartile as a core part of its growth and scale plan.

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What is Margin-Based Targeting and Optimization for Amazon Ads?

More people buy on Amazon than ever before, so why is it hard for many sellers to profit? The answer: rising seller costs, from cost-of-goods (including import shipping) to cost-per-click (CPC)..

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Machine Learning Curve to Outperform Human Intuition

The adage of "what goes up must come down" has long been accepted as a basic fact of life, but in the age of cloud computing and online sales, economies of scale are often changing the game. In..

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The New Age of E-Commerce Attribution

As human beings we like to ponder how things began, especially things that ended well. Big Bang Theory or Adam and Eve? The chicken or the egg? Did Al Gore really invent the Internet? And of..

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