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Quartile, the world’s largest retail media optimization platform, fuels growth for thousands of advertisers worldwide with unmatched expertise and advanced AI technology. The data-driven platform integrates major marketplaces and channels to shape smart strategies and uncover opportunities across the entire purchase funnel. The result is unprecedented granularity, confident decision-making, and sustainable growth.


Get expert insights

Quartile is more than just a technology platform—we are a team of e-commerce experts who care about your business. Our dedicated strategists provide continuous support, deliver custom solutions, and identify growth opportunities at every step.

Achieve profitability

At Quartile, we are focused on delivering results. Our solutions boost sales growth up to 50% and maximize ad spend for thousands of retailers, identifying key opportunities for channel expansion and cultivating brand loyalty.

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Boost efficiency

Our data-driven platform turns billions of data points into actionable insights. Advanced AI continuously adapts keywords, budgets, and ad placements to shopper behaviors, freeing retailers to focus on other tasks.


Trusted partner
for e-commerce success

Quartile has been recognized for product innovation and performance for several consecutive years, highlighting our position as a market leader. As an award-winning Amazon Advanced partner, we are recognized for building advanced technology solutions that scale. We recently earned the High Performer and Momentum Awards from G2, and hundreds of Trustpilot reviews highlight our dedication to achieving meaningful results for customers.

Delivering results for thousands of retailers

From independent sellers to leading brands, enterprises, and agencies, Quartile drives profitable growth for businesses of all sizes.

“Working with Quartile gives us more time to focus on industry trends and make sure we’re staying relevant.”

“Quartile automates optimization based on detailed conversion metrics. We’re able to continuously drive growth while adapting to new products and situations.”

“Quartile allowed us to create a truly full-funnel strategy that led to over 100% sales growth.”

Delivering solid results for 5,600+ Brands and Sellers


Global team of experts

Quartile is an organization with 380+ team members around the globe and offices in New York City, Philadelphia, Miami, and London. We support customers in 30+ countries, recently expanding local presence in Japan, China, and India. The Quartile team is highly collaborative and diverse, bringing specialized expertise in e-commerce, digital marketing, technology, and beyond.

We know that reaching the right shoppers with the right message can lead to endless growth potential. That’s why we’re dedicated to understanding your goals, shaping smart strategies, and uncovering opportunities for growth. Our approach combines human creativity with AI, ensuring our solutions are continuously insightful and innovative.

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“AI continues to be pivotal. Integrating data science and automation into advertising strategies can boost efficiency and effectiveness. Quartile offers technological resources to harness these features efficiently."
Eduardo Knijnik Founder and President
“Quartile is a centralized platform that delivers a holistic view of cross-channel performance by plugging into multiple retailers with a single connection.”
Mike Baber Product Director


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