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Quartile helps retailers efficiently target the right audiences on Facebook to drive advertising sales and business growth. Our Apex technology, built on machine learning and artificial intelligence, automates ongoing audience optimizations for prospecting and retargeting while managing budget and bidding across Facebook and Instagram. Quartile’s unique approach meets and exceeds retailers’ goals in an increasingly crowded channel.


Our Solution Helps You:

Create smarter audiences

Acquire new customers and re-engage existing customers through intelligent audience targeting.

Drive better ad placement

Target custom placements across both Facebook and Instagram based on user interest and intent data.

Generate higher returns

Assign bids according to intent level for every product, so that you can drive more efficient revenue.

Bring transparency to reporting

Gain a clear and actionable view into prospecting and retargeting performance.

The Quartile Platform Is Key to Your Success

Campaign Creation

Eliminate time-consuming manual management with a data-driven, automated campaign setup that creates Facebook & Instagram ads at scale, tailored to your business goals.

Customized Audience Builder

Develop a unique audience based on demographic, contextual, and intent-based variables. Eliminate manual audience builds to amplify your prospecting and retargeting efforts.

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Automated Budget Allocation

Drive greater returns for your business by assigning budget at a granular level to meet your goals. Spend more on your most valuable audiences, and eliminate wasted spend.

Ad Management & Testing

Manage and optimize ads without any manual burden. Quartile automates ad delivery, and runs A/B tests for copy, images, targeting, and bidding to drive the greatest possible returns within your budget.

Never miss an opportunity

Quartile is more than a best-in-class technology. We offer a dedicated client success team certified in Facebook and Instagram Advertising to guide you every step of the way.


On Average
our Customers See

    • 21% Increase in Revenue

    • 43% Increase in Conversions

    • 5% Increase in ROAS

    • 91% Increase in Conversion Rate

After 3 Months of Launching with Quartile for Facebook & Instagram.


Why Top Retailers, Brands & Agencies Partner with Quartile


Drive More Revenue
Our continuous learning algorithms predict and capitalize on your next bestsellers, allowing you to outpace your competitors.


Improve Campaign Efficiency
Campaigns and ad bids dynamically adjust to maximize your investment as shopping behavior shifts.


Acquire the Right Customers
Quartile’s rich data insights help you get granular and target your most valuable shoppers, wherever they are.


Save Time and Effort
Quartile automates campaigns and constantly improves performance so that you can focus on what really matters: your marketing strategy.


Best-in-Class Platform & Service
Quartile is the largest, independent e-commerce marketing platform in the world, powered by machine learning and e-commerce expertise. Try us out today!

Average Cross-channel Growth After Launching With Quartile


Best-in-class machine learning
See the impact of true machine learning and artificial intelligence on one-to-one product level campaigns


Automated ads management
No more manual configuration of ad groups frees up your time to focus on expanding your product catalogue and strategy


Unified campaign reporting
Stay on top of all your sales and revenue in one platform from anywhere with custom reports


Seamless account integration
Get up and running with Quartile in less than 48 hours – virtually no downtime on your campaigns


Dedicated customer services
Speak with an account executive to see how the Quartile platform can improve your e-commerce sales

$2B in Ad Spend Under Management Yearly 21% Increase in Revenue

Quartile's artificial intelligence platform gets better at optimization every day.
That directly impacts the metrics that matter to you the most: total sales, profits and ROAS.

Our Platform Supports:


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Delivering solid results for 5,600+ Brands and Sellers


How Gary’s Wine Beats Return Goals & Grows Facebook Ad Revenue 8x

Because Google and Microsoft do not allow alcohol retailers to retarget ads on their platform, Facebook became a critical pillar of Gary’s Wine’s audience strategy.

In addition to building Google Ads campaigns that target high-intent shoppers, Quartile developed retargeting campaigns that help Gary’s Wine reengage site visitors, cart abandoners, and past customers on Facebook and Instagram. The technology uncovered ideal lookback windows so that shoppers see the right products at the right time to increase the likelihood of a purchase.

“The #1 benefit we’re getting from Quartile’s technology is that it can optimize all the marketing channels that matter to us, while taking almost none of our time,” says Mike Fisch, Director of Innovation at Gary’s Wine.

The Results
  • 8x Facebook Ad Revenue Growth in First 9 Months
  • 24 Better Return in Google Search & Shopping
  • 54% Revenue Growth in Google Shopping

Client and Partner Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it, hear from our clients and partners about how Quartile has improved their sales across every major marketing channel.

"Working with Quartile gives us more time to focus on industry trends and make sure we’re staying relevant. We’re able to dig into our business and share important information with our Quartile team, and then they incorporate it into a strategy that makes sense for our business. For us, that’s a major win."
Joe Schaefer President, OfficeSupply.com
“Quartile's Amazon Attribution integration put Facebook, Instagram, and Google engagement metrics alongside Amazon conversion and sales metrics. This allowed us to create a truly full-funnel strategy that led to over 100% sales growth for our brand on Amazon this year.”
Gordon Gould SmartyPants Vitamins


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