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Powerful AI-based ad campaign optimization meets world-class managed services.

Quartile for Google offers managed services backed by AI-powered technology and co-developed features for Google Ads including Google Paid Search, Shopping, Performance Max, Display and Video channels. Layered with Google technology, our proprietary tech and expertise helps brands and e-commerce marketers meet goals and reach the right audiences every time.


Unparalleled expertise: Quartile’s Google Pros

Quartile’s Google performance marketing Pros have been active since the dawn of Google Ads.
With decades of e-commerce experience under our belt, our dedicated team of Pros will provide the ongoing support and input you need to drive results with confidence.

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The Quartile Approach for Google

Our Google Pros work with you to understand your unique goals and budgets for efficiency, new customer acquisition, and existing customer re-engagement. Quartile follows a unique and specific three-pillar approach in ensuring effective foundation and performance:

Data Infrastructure

Our team will conduct a thorough product feed review and run quality assurance on your conversion and revenue tracking pixels.

We will use your historical data to inform product segmentation, seasonality, and other adjustments to enhance the feed.

Quartile and Client Collaboration

Your personalized strategy will be crafted with clean, organized data to advance your account towards your goal KPIs.

Our strategic and expert insights will identify which channels, tools, products, audiences, creative assets, and keywords to implement to ensure they are the best fit for your specific business’s growth plans.

+ Training

When it comes to tech, we realize that one size doesn’t fit all so we leverage a mix of proprietary technology

  • Campaign structure

  • Bidding management

  • Budget optimization management

  • Target goal and customizable settings


Paid search ad
optimization powered by

Quartile’s approach to Google Paid Search

Cross-channel data powers our machine learning tech while Google performance marketing Pros guide the strategy to execute a paid search at scale for your entire product catalog.

Robust Google Shopping infrastructure for outstanding campaign performance.

Quartile for Google Shopping is based on the foundations of proprietary technology and methodology layered with Google’s Performance Max (PMax) algorithm. Our strategy consists of effective campaign segmentation, feed management and optimization, and hands-on support from our Google Pros.

The Powerful Pair

Quartile and Google PMax

With PMax constantly evolving, it’s essential to not set it and forget it. Nothing complements Google’s PMax algorithm better than Quartile’s tech and methodology. Quartile’s approach builds on PMax, allowing it to perform better by ensuring construction of the most optimized campaign structures. With Quartile layered on PMax and Standard Google Shopping, you can maintain more control around your complex campaigns.

Customized data set

Quartile uses a robust, retail-specific
dataset that spans across the Google
ecosystems to drive shopping and
paid search automation. The dataset
is curated from sources including your
product feed, historical keywords,
paid search queries, and competitive
metrics from Google.

Scalable, ongoing management

Using automated processes and business
logic, Quartile for Paid Search continuously
manages and optimizes keywords, search
queries and campaign structure across the
entire product catalog to deliver the most
efficient campaign performance.

Custom strategies to achieve goals and track metrics
that matter most to your brand


Incorporate intelligent campaign structures
Free up time from intensive campaign management. Quartile’s creates paid search campaigns and ad groups based on existing data and shopping data leveraging product feed information.


Easily manage landing pages
Deliver the most relevant user experience. Our technology uses site search, brand and category pages, and/or product descriptions from the product feed to test the most appropriate existing landing page URL.


Manage keywords
Eliminate the need for ongoing keyword testing. Quartile’s technology continuously mines search query data from your paid search and shopping campaigns to create and optimize keywords for every product in your catalog.


Optimize Bid Modifiers
Optimize the performance of every product and keyword, every day. Quartile’s tech continuously analyzes performance and deploys modifiers— like geotargeting, dayparting, and device—along with bidding optimization to effectively align spending to performance.


Gather valuable insights from custom reports and analytics
Have access to clean, accurate, consolidated reporting that allows you to understand what’s happening and use that information to make directional business decisions. Cross-channel dashboards and charts allow you to measure, track, and improve execution plans against KPIs.


Strategic Campaign Segmentation

Our team of experts will ensure all products receive the right strategy and exposure to better meet goals by segmenting catalogs based on performance by category, price, brand and more.


Quartile AI Technology

If retailers opt to maintain more control (reporting, negative keywords, search queries), they can leverage Quartile Tech for Standard Shopping campaigns. For PMax campaigns, Quartile’s always-on budget optimizer ensures that targets are continually re-evaluated to best align with revenue and efficiency goals.


Feed Management & Optimization

The quality of your product feed is a key component to Shopping success. Quartile optimizes key attributes and ensures your site’s feed meets all Google channel requirements, so your products surface for important, relevant search queries.


Hands-On Management

From ongoing testing of Assets and Audience Signals in PMax to managing complementary keyword-based Search campaigns, our team will ensure the right channels, tools, and features are activated and optimized according to what works best for each retailer..

PMax complements your Google Shopping strategy by reaching audiences with purchase intent across the web based on Google’s audience data


Introducing Quartile’s DBO Baseline

Quartile’s DBO (Dynamic Budget Optimizer) Baseline dynamically adjusts budgets regularly for tROAS/tCPA campaigns based on performance goals. With DBO Baseline, you can maximize revenue at a given budget, identify volume/profit sweet spots, and protect your visibility into your campaign budgets.


AI-generated ad copy at your fingertips

Powered by ChatGPT

Google Ad Copy Generator

Create, edit, and test different ad copies and let the system optimize based on specific goals. Customize your output by product description, keywords, age, gender, language, and more.

Delivering solid results for 5,300+ Brands and Sellers



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