Small Batch Coffee, Big Sales Targets: Bom Dia Brands

Bom Dia Brands is a small business and a registered seller on Amazon that takes pride in their cup of joe. They create small-batch flavored coffees and various coffee products that avoid the use of any artificial additives.

The Goal

Bom Dia Brands' leadership team viewed Amazon as an important channel to scale their brand. "We sell on Amazon because they have millions of loyal shoppers every day; Amazon represents an important place to scale our brand," said Rachel Guiterrez, partner at Bom Dia Brands.

Agency Partnership: Working with Quartile

Bom Dia knew that they needed a partner that could help them increase their Amazon sales and return on ad spend. They chose to work with Quartile, a digital marketing and technology company that offers both software and Amazon Advertising campaign management services. Quartile enables brands and agencies to scale campaigns using Amazon Advertising products, and their proprietary technology allows them to optimize performance and automate management of campaigns.

"We definitely recommend sponsored ads to any advertiser. They are a great way to give your products the visibility they need and increase sales on Amazon. Additionally, we found that having an agency to provide the tools and expertise helped improve return on ad spend."
– Rachel Gutierrez, partner at Bom Dia Brands

The Approach

Quartile worked with Bom Dia to develop a comprehensive strategic approach spanning a variety of techniques and Amazon Advertising products:

  1. Optimizing product detail pages on Amazon: First, Quartile created high-quality product detail pages for Bom Dia on Amazon to make sure that when potential shoppers landed on a Bom Dia product detail page, the experience was tailored for them.
  2. Keyword optimization: Quartile revised 150+ products’ back-end keyword optimization by adding keywords into the "Search Keywords" field on their product submission form. Based on prior experience in the category, Quartile knew these hidden keywords would help shoppers find Bom Dia's products.
  3. High-quality imagery: Quartile added professional, high-resolution images on each product detail page.
  4. Bom Dia Brands Store: Next, they turned their attention to updating Bom Dia Brands' Store. Store is a way for Bom Dia Brands to promote their brand and products with a free, multi-page experience on Amazon. Quartile added more products, imagery, and descriptions to help aid in overall conversion from consideration to purchase.

Once Bom Dia's product pages and Store had been revamped, Quartile used Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands to help maximize visibility for Bom Dia Brands across Amazon to drive traffic to the Store.

They used Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands to target relevant keywords and aid in boosting overall conversions and increasing sales. Quartile chose not to set an end date for these campaigns, as they encourage all their clients to embrace an always-on strategy for their Amazon Advertising efforts. Bom Dia Brands has found value in this approach as it helps ensure consistent visibility and sales opportunities in the comprehensive coffee category.

Quartile and the Amazon Advertising API

Quartile uses its proprietary software that leverages the Amazon Advertising API to access real-time performance data to optimize sponsored ads campaigns at scale.

The Amazon Advertising API allows Quartile to make daily campaign optimizations to improve the performance of Bom Dia’s campaigns including via targeting for keywords, products, bids, budgets, and placements. For example, in Sponsored Products campaigns, if a keyword in a Bom Dia campaign has an ACoS (advertising cost of sales) above 100%, the system will automatically lower the bid to try to improve the overall return on that keyword. For Sponsored Brands, the system will update Bom Dia's bid modifiers based on the overall placement performance for each keyword to drive more targeted impressions that are helping achieve Bom Dia's goals.

The Results

As a result of these combined efforts, and with the strong strategic guidance from Quartile, Bom Dia Brands saw multiple improvements as of June 2019:

  • Over 23MM impressions
  • 102% year-over-year increase in sales attributed to advertising
  • 28% ACoS (advertising cost of sales)

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Sylvio Lindenberg
Sylvio Lindenberg

Co-Founder and CMO at Quartile I Amazon Advertising Optimization