Avenues of Opportunity: Google and Quartile Make the Case for Amazon Sellers to Diversify Ecomm Traffic

Our “Friday Feature” webinar series continued with “Diversify Your E-Commerce Traffic Sources: Google Search for Amazon Sellers,” featuring John Kennard of Google Shopping. It includes a lively conversation on the changes to online shopping behavior in 2021 and what sellers can do to ensure that shoppers find your products no matter where they search.

For Amazon sellers with the buoyant sales atmosphere of 2020 still reverberating in their minds, the increasingly competitive environment of 2021 can feel downright claustrophobic, but perhaps they can find inspiration from the smart New York consumers who have always loved to express their loyalty to one of the nation's most famous neighborhoods by saying "I shop all over town, but I BUY on 14th Street." Now we are hearing smart online shoppers declaring that they are searching for desired items on Google and then buying on Amazon. For the consumer, Google delivers search results that closely adhere to the user keywords and a selection of options that have earned their placement organically. For the seller, Amazon delivers a financial reward in the form of a 5% reduction in fee for every sale brought in from the open web. As part of our “Friday Feature” series, new traffic models were explored during “Diversify Your E-Commerce Traffic Sources: Google Search for Amazon Sellers,” a webinar we co-hosted with John Kennard who runs strategic partnerships for Google Shopping. The goal was to bring some fresh air to the situation and illuminate the many options at hand for sellers in the Amazon marketplace who are interested in expanding their reach and improving results through additional media channels.

John Kennard made the case that the ideal marketing approach should be similar to financial investment because a diverse media portfolio helps to ensure that results are more stable and less prone to market fluctuations. To help sellers make that diversification a simple and cost-effective process, he then provided a deep dive into the many options that Google brings to the table through activation with the various Google Shopping and Ecomm-forward products they now offer. The Google Merchant Center offers both free and paid traffic to retailers with websites and zero-commission direct-selling options for merchants with or without websites via Google onsite checkout. While pointing out that Quartile is the only registered Amazon Advertising Partner that can automate Amazon Attribution and off-Amazon Advertising, John recommended that sellers work with Quartile to integrate their Amazon sales and ad data into their overall audience generation and expansion efforts.

Daniel Knijnik, our founder and CEO, weighed in with a further benefit to diversification: “The incentives for sellers to step beyond the walled garden have never been greater. Amazon sellers who bring consumers from the open web into the Amazon ecosystem can now earn bonuses that average 10% of sales from traffic they’ve driven to Amazon. And with 15% of all Google searches containing the word “Amazon,” now is the time to act!”

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