Prime Day is Here: Boost Paid Ads to Drive Organic Sales

It's official, Amazon has announced that Prime Day will start on June 21st. Is your store ready for the big day?

Last year, marketplace sellers racked up more than $3.5 billion in sales during October’s event and this year looks to be even bigger. In this post we’ll review the top strategies for sellers to prepare and share how the right pay-per-click (PPC) Amazon Ads strategy can supercharge sales in both the lead up to and during Prime Day itself.

During Amazon's Q1 earnings call, CFO Brian Olsavsky laid out the plans for Prime Day, stating that the e-commerce giant wanted to make sure to set a date that benefited both sellers and shoppers by avoiding summer slowdowns and competing for attention with the Summer Olympics.

Preparations should be long under way, but ads can still help boost your products visibility

Experienced online sellers are already deep in prep mode for the big day. Amazon recommends sellers using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) start to prepare roughly twelve weeks ahead of big sales events and holidays.

We’re only a week away from Prime Day, but there is still time for you to ramp up your sales with the increased visibility and data from smart ad campaigns. Sellers get two valuable benefits from increasing spend on high-volume, automated PPC campaigns:

  • More paid sales and increased brand recall of non-buyers
  • Better keyword data to optimize product listings for organic search

Updating listings with more effective keywords ensures that products appear in organic search results while the repetition from paid ads helps with shopper recall on Prime Day itself.

Still feel behind on your Prime Day prep?

Don’t worry, Quartile’s system can optimize your Amazon Ad spending to get your campaigns ready for Prime Day. Six proprietary patents combine your historical sales and campaign data with exclusive access to Amazon Advertising API data for a machine learning optimized campaign in as little as one week. And with new features like margin-based ad spend targets and hourly campaign optimization, Quartile’s platform is working harder (and smarter) than ever.

Don’t wait, reach out to a Quartile representative and start preparing for Prime Day today.

Sylvio Lindenberg
Sylvio Lindenberg

Co-Founder and CMO at Quartile I Amazon Advertising Optimization