Ecomm’s New Normal: The Good, The Bad, and The Promising

The profession of marketing has always been known for being both intensely competitive and intensely collaborative. Prior to Covid, many marketers relied on a wealth of conference opportunities to connect with colleagues and stay ahead of the game. Now, with vaccines taking hold, the in-person conference circuit is making a comeback and people are finding that there is a lot to catch up on. Canaan Schladale-Zink, Chief Revenue Officer of Quartile, was invited to share Quartile’s take on the new normal at the Digiday Media Marketplace Forum, held on September 21st, 2021 in New York City.

The good news is that the pandemic triggered a five-year leap of growth for Ecomm, and everybody has landed in the future together.

The bad news is that -- while the digital world has had minimal challenge in adjusting to this new normal -- the physical world has been riddled with logistical issues born from the radical increase in online buying that have subsequently magnified shipping, supply, and manufacturing challenges.

The promising news is that with the introduction of Quartile’s new capacity for margin based targeting, volatile fluctuations in COGS created by those physical world challenges can now be addressed in the digital world on an hour-by-hour basis. With margin based targeting, Quartile can monitor variable costs in real time, and then automatically adjust advertising and marketing tactics accordingly so that the campaign is constantly optimizing towards a fixed margin and accounting for all the variables of fulfillment costs, production costs, marketplace fees, and advertising costs.

 “There was a lot of enthusiasm in the breakout session after we announced the hourly time interval,” said Canaan. “People have come to expect margin optimization on a daily basis, but with all these supply chain issues caused by the rapid uptick in manufacturing and the unexpected work stoppages due to Covid shutdowns, the need for real-time navigation has never been stronger. We are very excited to be sharing this innovation that we spearheaded in anticipation of this new normal.”

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