Visualize KPIs and Competitive Insights with the Quartile Benchmark Tool

For Amazon sellers, standing out among the competition is no longer an aspiration but a necessity for achieving sustainable success. Tapping into key performance indicators (KPIs) will uncover opportunities to adapt your Amazon ad strategy and reach the right shoppers at the right time. The Quartile Benchmark Tool, free for any Amazon seller, provides a critical starting point for understanding your performance and achieving sustainable sales growth. 

What is the Quartile Benchmark Tool? 

In highly competitive marketplaces such as Amazon, knowledge is power. The Quartile Benchmark Tool enables sellers to visualize their performance and compare it to best-sellers in similar categories. Comparing these key metrics uncovers insights into potential strengths and weaknesses based on real market data. With this knowledge, sellers can assess how their conversion rate compares to leaders in their category, for example. Going beyond data and analytics, the tool also helps sellers transform metrics into actionable insights. 

Gain visibility into performance 

Analyzing and adapting your Amazon advertising strategy can be a complex and time-consuming process. When viewed side by side, Amazon KPIs provide a holistic view of your performance. The Quartile Benchmark Tool generates a clear, visual report so sellers can quickly view all the metrics that matter, including total advertising cost of sales (TACoS), advertising cost of sales (ACoS), sales growth, conversion rate, cost per click (CPC), and organic sales rate. Collectively, these metrics tell a story about your overall performance. 

The Quartile Benchmark Tool custom report delivers: 

  • Account snapshot: This overview unifies key metrics in one place, providing a holistic view of your business. Set specific goals for individual campaigns, effortlessly compare their performance, and uncover insights across the purchase funnel.    
  • Cohort analysis: View how your efforts stack up against thousands of competitors with insights into critical metrics including ACoS, TACoS, and industry-specific conversion rates. Get a comprehensive understanding of the market and identify areas for improvement. 
  • Wasted ad spend analysis: Gain visibility into where your budget is best spent. Using a granular single keyword approach, Quartile’s advanced AI prioritizes high-performing keywords to prevent wasted ad spend. Automated adjustments ensure that bids are always optimized for every keyword at every hour of the day.   
  • Placement analysis: Measure ad spend by placement. As shopper behaviors and conversion rates fluctuate throughout the day, Quartile adapts ad placements accordingly. Always-on adjustments optimize placements on a granular level to boost performance and revenue.    

Eliminate guesswork and boost performance 

The Quartile Benchmark Tool offers the most comprehensive insights in the market. Built on advanced technology and rich data, the custom report illustrates how your efforts stack up against thousands of competitors. This serves as a bridge between your current performance and future success. For example, the report helps sellers identify strengths and weaknesses in their strategy by highlighting areas where they outperform or lag behind industry averages. This enables sellers to optimize their ad strategy, focusing on what works well and addressing areas that need improvement. 

By accessing industry standards, sellers can establish targets that align with market expectations. This data-driven approach reduces your reliance on guesswork and allows for strategic adjustments based on real performance metrics. Additionally, the tool is designed to be easy to use, insightful, and secure for a seamless user experience. 

Safety and security with Quartile 

At Quartile, we understand that data security is paramount for all sellers. We are committed to protecting your data so you can confidently use the Quartile Benchmark Tool knowing your information is safe and secure. Our priority is to empower sellers with the insights they need to thrive while working in an environment they can trust. 

How to get started 

The Quartile Benchmark Tool provides a roadmap for understanding your campaign performance and uncovering growth opportunities. As the first to access the tool, you’ll gain valuable insights and play a pivotal role in developing better solutions for the wider community. Simply follow these four steps to sign up and gain early access: 

  1. Connect your Amazon Seller account to the Quartile Benchmark Tool
  2. Allow the tool to analyze your data alongside industry benchmarks
  3. Receive a custom report
  4. Provide any feedback you may have 

Ready to elevate your ad strategy? Try the Quartile Benchmark Tool to visualize key insights that drive profitable growth.