Quartile Versa's Rules-Based Optimization in Action

Here are a few examples of how you could use Quartile Versa's powerful rules-based optimization system to boost the performance of your PPC campaigns against the metrics that matter most to you. 

Tailor-Made Rules for Your Unique Needs 

Quartile Versa acknowledges the uniqueness of every business. It allows you to create specific rules that align with your campaign objectives. Whether launching a new product or protecting your brand, Quartile Versa’s advanced rule creation lets you set distinct budgets for different campaign categories. Separate branded terms from non-branded, or employ a conquest vs. defense campaign structure. Your strategy, your rules. 

Manage Thresholds Efficiently 

Reducing waste is at the forefront of Quartile Versa’s optimization. Set custom ad-spend rules based on clicks or conversions to ensure your resources are invested in high-performing keywords. Quartile Versa allows you to effortlessly manage thresholds to prevent ad spend on underperforming keywords.  

Imagine having the capability to automatically negate keywords that spend over X in a certain period of time but have an ACoS greater than Y. Quartile Versa’s powerful rules-based optimization ensures this is executed seamlessly. This mechanism can work independently or alongside Quartile’s AI, making it a versatile tool in optimizing your PPC performance. 

Say Goodbye to Manual Changes 

Manually monitoring and adjusting PPC campaigns is history with Quartile Versa. Its rules-based optimization automates the entire process. For instance, set a rule to automatically increase bids for keywords with zero clicks over the past 14 days to offer them a second chance at conversions. Quartile Versa takes charge of adjusting the bid by a specified percentage or dollar amount, ensuring your campaign KPIs are met effortlessly. 

Flexibility: Your Goals, Your Structure 

Flexibility is intrinsic to Quartile Versa. Select a campaign structure that aligns with your goals, whether that be a custom structure, Quartile One’s granular approach, or a hybrid of both. Your goals guide your structure, bestowing you with tailored and goal-oriented campaign management. 

Optimize at Scale 

With Quartile Versa, scale is not an obstacle. The platform empowers you to optimize your advertising strategy at any level - account, campaign, or even individual keywords or ASINs. This refined control ensures you stay abreast of budgets and performance, deriving the best value from your ad spend. 

Unlock Insights with Quartile Versa’s Reporting 

As savvy PPC marketers, insights are invaluable. Quartile Versa encompasses a potent and intuitive drag-and-drop table builder. Easily segment, filter, and tag campaigns to identify trends, spot opportunities, and make data-driven decisions. The insights derived from Quartile Versa’s reporting can shape your future strategy, ensuring continuous improvement. 

The Future is Here with Quartile Versa 

In a dynamic business environment where automation blends with customization, Quartile Versa sets a new benchmark in PPC campaign management. It's not just another platform; it's a revolution in flexibility and control, reshaping the industry. 

If you’re ready to seize control of your AI-Optimized PPC campaigns, don’t hesitate. Contact our PPC experts today and harness the unrivaled power of Quartile Versa to elevate your PPC performance to new heights. 


Sylvio Lindenberg
Sylvio Lindenberg

Co-Founder and CMO at Quartile I Amazon Advertising Optimization