New Quartile Versa Empowers Brands and Agencies with More Control Over Advertising Campaigns

Quartile, the world's largest e-commerce cross-channel advertising platform, is excited to announce the launch of Quartile Versa. This revolutionary new product empowers brands and agencies with greater control over their advertising campaigns.

Built on top of Quartile's award-winning AI technology, Quartile Versa simplifies campaign structures and offers advanced rules-based optimizations for maximum performance. With Quartile Versa, brands can customize their campaign structures, set their strategies, goals, and budgets, and choose which features and variables to customize. 

Daniel Knijnik, Quartile CEO, sees this new feature as a game changer in the industry: "At Quartile, we are always listening to our clients and adapting to their needs. Quartile Versa is a product that is tailored to the needs of brands and agencies who want more control over their advertising campaigns. We are thrilled to offer our clients the opportunity to customize their campaigns with advanced optimizations. We are confident that Quartile Versa will be a game-changer for brands", said Knijnik. 

Quartile Versa allows brands to set rules-based optimizations that match their product needs and campaign objectives. Brands can also adjust their ad spending at different levels, such as account, ASIN, campaigns, and branded terms. Advanced optimizations include managing product advertising segmentation and objective-based optimizations. 

"We understand that e-commerce is constantly evolving, and advertising strategies must adapt to the ever-changing landscape. With Quartile Versa, we empower brands to succeed in this competitive environment by giving them the tools to control their advertising campaigns." added Knijnik. 

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Sylvio Lindenberg
Sylvio Lindenberg

Co-Founder and CMO at Quartile I Amazon Advertising Optimization