Introducing Quartile Versa: Elevate Your Amazon PPC Campaigns with Customization and Advanced Optimizations

Quartile is thrilled to unveil the latest innovation in Amazon PPC campaign management: Quartile Versa. This groundbreaking approach is integrated within Quartile One, our flagship AI-powered Amazon PPC campaign management platform.

Quartile Versa is meticulously designed for brands and agencies seeking a more agile advertising campaign structure. It empowers advertisers to take charge of their own campaign configurations and custom rules, while simultaneously harnessing the robust AI capabilities of Quartile. Let's dive into the game-changing features of Quartile Versa and explore how it can skyrocket your Amazon PPC campaign performance. 

Your Goals, Your Structure 

Flexibility is at the core of Quartile Versa. Choose your desired campaign structure, be it a custom structure tailored to your unique needs, Quartile One’s granular approach of one campaign per keyword, or a hybrid of both. Your goals guide your structure, not the other way around. 

Preserve Your Legacy: Maintain Campaign History 

Quartile Versa comes with the mantra “Change your goals, not your structure.” Transition to Quartile Versa without losing years of campaign history and optimizations. Maintain your campaign structure, negative terms, ad group structure, and advanced optimizations that you’ve built over time. Your invaluable data remains intact while you unlock new horizons of performance. 

Take Charge with Rules-Based Optimization 

With Quartile Versa, you are the strategist. Craft your own rules to optimize bids and budgets, and effortlessly apply them to one or multiple campaigns. Choose how often these rules are executed—daily, weekly, or monthly. Run these alongside Quartile AI or use them as a standalone. The choice is yours. 

Tailor-Made Rules for Your Business 

Quartile Versa understands that every business is unique. Whether you're launching a new product or safeguarding your brand, create specific rules that align with your campaign goals. Set distinct budgets for different campaign categories with Quartile Versa’s advanced rule creation: separate branded terms from non-branded or employ a conquest vs. defense campaign structure. Your strategy, your rules. 

Optimize Performance at Every Scale 

Do you want to tweak advertising spend at different levels? Quartile Versa has you covered. Whether it’s adjusting at the account level, diving into individual campaigns, or fine-tuning down to the ASIN level, this tool is built for performance optimization at any scale. 

Cut the Slack: Reduce Waste and Save Budget 

Bid farewell to underperforming keywords that have been draining your budget. Quartile Versa allows you to set custom threshold rules based on clicks or conversions. This minimizes ad waste, ensuring that your budget is invested in high-performing, result-driving keywords. 

Dive Into Data with Custom Reports 

Unearth actionable insights through Quartile Versa’s drag-and-drop table builder, which allows you to effortlessly segment, filter, and tag campaigns. These custom reports empower you to make informed decisions that align with your strategic objectives. 

Best of Both Worlds: Sophisticated AI Meets Rules-Based Strategies 

Merge your years of experience with Quartile’s best-in-class AI technology. Quartile’s AI, boasting six patents, synergizes with your rules-based strategies to propel your campaign performance. With Quartile Versa, you craft the strategy, and the technology ensures impeccable execution. 

Independence at Your Fingertips: Self-Service Capabilities 

Quartile Versa is engineered with user-friendliness in mind, especially for brands and agencies that value autonomy. The suite of tools and features equip you to independently manage your advertising efforts with ease. 

Infinite Possibilities: Mix and Match for Optimal Success 

Quartile’s versatile ecosystem offers endless possibilities. You can choose to run your campaign structures and optimizations exclusively with Quartile One, Quartile Versa, or a creative mix of both.  

Sylvio Lindenberg
Sylvio Lindenberg

Co-Founder and CMO at Quartile I Amazon Advertising Optimization