Elevating Paid Search Strategies: The Resurgence of Broad Match in a World of Ever-Changing User Search Behavior

By Michael Egan 

In the dynamic landscape of Google Paid Search, it’s a constant race to stay one step ahead. The tools of the trade? Keyword match types. For the longest time, Exact match ruled the roost, giving search engine marketers a laser-focused approach to target strong converting searches. Meanwhile, Phrase match and Broad match played the supporting roles, nurturing upper-funnel strategies and welcoming fresh keywords into the fold. 

As we stand today, we are witness to a trinity of match types: 

  • Exact Match: Where precision meets purpose, showcasing your ad for verbatim keyword searches or those with the same intent 
  • Phrase Match: Your ad takes the stage when searches incorporate your Phrase Match keyword, including its close relatives 
  • Broad Match: Stepping into a world where any search vaguely related to your keyword could usher viewers to your ad 

The Broad Match path, however, has not always been a smooth one, often leading advertisers astray with irrelevant intent, translating into wasted budgets and misdirected traffic. Imagine the disparity between seeking advice for "treating a pet at home" and being bombarded with ads for "treats for pets". Fortunately, the winds are changing, thanks to the groundbreaking strides in AI and large language models, refining Broad Match to discern context with nuanced understanding. 

Guided by the insights of Google’s very own experts, Dorothea Wiesmann Rothuizen and Wojtek Skut, we find ourselves on the brink of a revolution in Broad Match strategies. Sharing their expertise in a recent "Thinking with Google" article, these seasoned professionals unlock the transformed landscape of Broad Match — a dynamic realm where the intricacies of word order are paramount, traffic is deftly directed through careful consideration of numerous aspects, and the embrace of multilingual matching is standard practice. This marks a pivotal moment, setting a new benchmark for Broad Match capabilities in today's digital ecosystem. 

The pertinent question here is, with the ceaseless evolutions and a whopping 15% of daily search queries being unprecedented, how does one not just keep up but lead? The answer resides with an adept partner like Quartile, pioneering in retail ad optimization. 

The Quartile Way: Crafting Success with Broadience 

Embrace the power of Broadience, a harmonious amalgamation of Broad Match and Smart Bidding, a strategy that has not just stood the test of turbulent market waters but triumphed. 

Take the journey of a national women’s clothing retailer, steering through the stormy seas of skyrocketing competition and high CPCs on prevalent exact and phrase-match keywords. Quartile stepped in with a revolutionary outlook, revisiting the non-brand strategy to accentuate broad match keywords and automated bidding across categories. 

What unfolded was a tapestry of growth, as reflected in a one-year voyage: 

  • A remarkable 30% YoY surge in spend 
  • A significant 27% YoY augmentation in orders 
  • A notable 5% YoY uplift in ROAS 
  • An impressive 40% YoY growth in CVR 

Through the "Broadience" lens, Quartile empowered the brand to navigate the complex terrains of search engine strategies, crafting a pathway to success with focus on the most pivotal customer signals aligned with the brand persona. 

In this ever-evolving landscape, where every day poses a new challenge and unveils a new opportunity, it is strategies like Broadience that hold the beacon of success, steering you clear of the rising competition and stringent return goals. 

Chart Your Path to Success with Quartile 

As we traverse this exciting terrain, the promise of growth and success is tangible. We invite you to experience the Quartile difference. 

Explore Quartile’s comprehensive Google solutions and book a demo today. 

Michael Egan

Senior Sales Engineer, Enterprise in Sales