Tips for Boosting Sales Growth on Amazon Prime Day 2024

Amazon Prime Day presents an opportunity for brands and sellers to boost sales and reach new customers. With more than 200 million Prime members worldwide, this massive two-day shopping event can help businesses of all sizes grow their revenue. Sales surpassed $12.7 billion on Prime Day in July 2023, making it the largest in history, Amazon reports. However, capitalizing on that success hinges on careful preparation and strategic adjustments. Use these essential tips to increase visibility and boost sales growth during Prime Day and beyond:

  1. Ensure adequate inventory

Brands and sellers often underestimate the significance of effective inventory management for tentpole events. Having enough stock can make or break Prime Day success, as running out of inventory during a sales surge can lead to missed opportunities, disappointed customers, and potential low-inventory fees. Additionally, supply chain disruptions, shipping delays, and manufacturing bottlenecks are difficult to predict. By anticipating demand and addressing inventory ahead of time, you can position your business to capitalize on the increased traffic and sales opportunities that Amazon Prime Day offers. 

Sellers using sponsored ads achieve 190% higher consideration and 140% higher sales. 

  1. Leverage exclusive Prime Day deals

To stand out during Amazon Prime Day and boost sales, running deals is essential. Lightning Deals are time-sensitive offers featured prominently on Amazon’s event page, creating a sense of urgency and attracting first-time customers looking to save money before the offer expires. This influx of new shoppers presents an opportunity for businesses to make a positive impression, potentially converting one-time buyers into loyal brand advocates. Additionally, this increased visibility leads to more customer interactions, including views, clicks, and purchases. Improved metrics can boost your product’s visibility in search results, leading to increased organic traffic and sales even after Prime Day ends. 

  1. Adjust your budget and ad types

Clicks and cost per click increase naturally on Prime Day due to increased traffic volume and competition. It is essential to increase your daily budget to ensure that your products remain competitive and visible. Additionally, diversifying your ad types can enhance reach and engagement. Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brand ads provide excellent opportunities to connect with relevant audiences. Sponsored Display ads grab the attention of shoppers browsing product detail pages and reviews while Sponsored Brand ads offer a prominent presence at the top of search results, making them highly visible to shoppers searching for specific products or categories. 

Sponsored Brand ads enable sellers to include their logo, a custom headline, and up to three products. 

  1. Optimize your keyword strategy

Prioritize high-performing keywords and bid more aggressively on those terms during Prime Day. Include Prime Day-related keywords in your campaigns and pause those that haven’t led to conversions in the past 60 days. However, for a more precise and efficient campaign, avoid generic terms such as “Deal” or “Promotion.” Focus on specific and relevant keywords that align with the products you're offering and the intent of Prime Day shoppers. Continuously monitor performance and adjust bids and budgets to maximize conversions. 

  1. Leverage AMC customer data signals

AMC provides an abundance of customer data signals, empowering businesses to identify emerging trends, create lookalike audiences, and tailor their strategies to specific customer segments. By leveraging AMC insights, sellers can create highly relevant campaigns designed to attract new shoppers and win back previous customers. The potential of AMC is best demonstrated through the remarkable success achieved during Prime Day 2023. Businesses that used AMC witnessed an impressive 48% increase in Subscribe and Save subscriptions compared to the previous year’s Prime Day. This boost in conversions shows how AMC can drive significant growth and improve overall sales performance. 

Sellers leveraging AMC experienced a 48% increase in Subscribe & Saves on Prime Day in 2023 versus 2022. 

  1. Reengage high-intent shoppers with DSP

Complement your PPC strategy with Amazon’s Demand-Side Platform (DSP) to reengage interested shoppers. PPC drives conversions while DSP builds long-term brand awareness with more ad formats, including video and audio. Driving conversions with PPC campaigns while DSP amplifies your Prime Day success by reengaging shoppers who have recently visited your storefront or viewed your product listings. DSP enables businesses to reach shoppers across various channels beyond Amazon, ultimately expanding brand awareness and driving long-term sales growth. 

Quartile customers increased new-to-brand sales by 61% on Prime Day. 

  1. Take advantage of the latest formats

Shoppers spend hours on their mobile devices watching videos, listening to podcasts, and browsing social media. At the same time, Amazon Prime day offers a unique advantage with its wide reach. Video, Audio, and Streaming TV ads are versatile formats that provide valuable opportunities for sellers to creatively display their products and capture the attention of shoppers during the event. Video ads are especially effective in showcasing individual products, engaging customers with storytelling, and boosting brand awareness. 

  1. Leverage powerful AI with Quartile

The Quartile platform is built on powerful AI that delivers near real-time adjustments to bidding, ad placements, and budget allocation, ensuring optimal advertising cost of sales (ACoS) throughout Prime Day. Our technology automates campaign generation based on profitable search terms, effectively boosting efficiency and conversions. Through continuous analysis of market trends and customer behavior, the AI identifies high-potential keywords and automatically adjusts bids to maximize visibility. This level of automation and precision enables brands and sellers to focus their time and resources on other critical aspects of their businesses while trusting Quartile to optimize their Prime Day campaigns for maximum success. 

“Quartile allowed us to create a truly full-funnel strategy that led to over 100% sales growth.”  —SmartyPants Vitamins 


Brands and sellers can elevate their growth trajectory and gain significant traction on Amazon Prime Day. However, achieving success requires careful planning, data-driven decision-making, and effectively using Amazon solutions, including DSP, AMC, and exclusive deals. Whether youre aiming for cost efficiency or strengthening your brands position in the market, Quartile can shape smart strategies based on your goals and amplify Prime Day success.  

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