Thrasio Explains, Why Quartile?

One of the big leaders in buying up and scaling third-party merchants selling on Amazon and other marketplace platforms uses Quartile as a core part of its growth and scale plan.

Thrasio, the Boston-based startup, has recently received a huge infusion in cash that it will be using to continue buying up more companies as well as to expand internationally. It said that it’s currently on a rate of buying 1.5 businesses per week and now has some 200 brands in its portfolio.  Brandon Hendrix, SVP Marketing, at Thrasio explains why he chooses Quartile for all 200 brands that they own. 

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Hi, my name is Brandon Hendricks, and I'm the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Thrasio. When I first started using Quartile, I had a lot of different expectations. I had tried dozens of different advertising tools before and was on a quest to find the perfect one for Thrasio. Since our situation was pretty unique. We are buying businesses every week starting to scale, and trying to find a tool that could really scale with us. And ultimately, Quartile was the tool that worked, it performed scale and really tried to focus on what was important for PPC, which is the core bones of the platform, not all the bells and whistles and made everything else super sexy, and I have been in performance marketing for last 15 years, I could tell immediately, that Quartile was something that was unique and would enable us to scale over time.

And now we've been using Quartile for almost three years. nearly 100% of our over 200 brands run on Quartile right now and are managed by our in-house ads team. So every time we buy a new company, it's pretty much onboard onto Quartile and we started the scaling, optimizing, and growth process. So we measure success in first being able to stabilize performance while we take it over to Quartile, then we started scaling and driving more sales efficiency for the brands we're buying. So we started looking at things like TACoS, costs, revenue, and profit goals and really been able to take it on board to Quartile, stabilize it and then scale it from there.

So whenever you're exploring a new tool, the advice I would always give someone is to first work super closely with your partner and give it enough time to scale and enough time to work. Second, I would say to always give the system as much data to jumpstart their learning curve. So you bypass that exploratory spend. And a lot of times when you're trying out a new tool, you waste a lot of money at the beginning. But if you work super closely with your partner, explore all the different options, and give as much data to the tool as possible to bypass that curve gonna be a much better spot.

When I think about rationalizing the cost for a tool like Quartile, that performance really speaks for itself, one, not to mention the extra headcount we need to add to support the portfolio. They're also super nimble and able to add new features in weeks and not months. So performance speaks for itself. What really excites me about Quartile is how they're on the cutting edge of all the new different types of advertising. So they started on Amazon. And now they're starting to move into Google and Bing and Facebook, and all the other different advertising channels that are becoming more and more important on Amazon. And at the end of the day, the more external traffic you drive into Amazon, the better your brands will do. So I'm super excited to start trying out all the new tools and integrate them into more campaigns.

Before Quartile and life after Quartile has been very different. When we first started managing brands, everything was very manual. We're always updating budgets and bids, adding new keywords, trying to isolate different things, and trying to find the best way to manage our brands at scale. Post Quartile, we're able to acquire brands, optimize them and make them efficient within days, not weeks or months. So ultimately, we have a lot more control over our portfolio. We're able to isolate and grow the brands in different ways we wouldn't be able to before and drive the business in a much more scalable fashion.


Nick Talbert
Nick Talbert

Head of Marketing Programs, Quartile