The New Age of E-Commerce Attribution

As human beings we like to ponder how things began, especially things that ended well. Big Bang Theory or Adam and Eve? The chicken or the egg? Did Al Gore really invent the Internet? And of course, the all-consuming question for every Amazon seller: How many clicks did it take to make that sale and where did that buyer come from? While we have nothing new to add on the topic of eggs or chickens, as an Amazon Advertising Partner, we have plenty to say on the path to conversion for every ASIN in a seller’s offering. For our “Friday Feature” webinar on September 17th, origins of the sale were top of mind during “A Deep Dive into Amazon Attribution,” a webinar we co-hosted with Andrew Roth, Team Lead - Partnerships for Amazon Attribution.

Andrew took participants through new developments on the attribution side and cited a recent Google study that found the number of touch points in a single customer journey can range from three to more than 300. With many of those touch points existing beyond the walls of Amazon, identifying the elements of those customer moments is the key to optimizing them for sellers. Andrew expressed his appreciation for Quartile when he shared that “Quartile has taken the Amazon Attribution experience to the next level.”

“Whether a product sells in three clicks or thirty, tracking the Amazon buyer journey with granular detail and unifying the metrics in a single report will empower sellers to extend best practices to other platforms such as Google and Instacart,” said Daniel Knijnik, Co-Founder and CEO of Quartile. “For the Amazon Seller spending around fifteen thousand a month on Amazon advertising, Q4 is the optimal time to diversify media allocation, and our turnkey attribution capabilities can help manage the process, measure the results, and reinforce focus on growing the brand across multiple platforms.” 

The roadmap to success for an Amazon Seller is increasing both the number of sales and bringing in new customers, no matter how they find their products. For retailers, getting the origin story on each and every sale has only recently been an option. Now, with Quartile’s seamless integration to Amazon Attribution it’s easier than ever. Combined with Amazon Advertising’s Brand Referral Bonus program, sellers can even earn credit toward future referral fees, essentially getting paid to track their buyers. 

Along with providing this data free of charge, Amazon is offering to partner with sellers in order to bring more traffic to product listings. For any purchases that originate off the Amazon platform, Amazon is offering a 10% bonus back to the seller. Definitely good news in this challenging year of increased Amazon ad costs and disrupted supply chains.

To access our webinar Deep Dive into Amazon Attribution, please click here. To learn more about Amazon’s Brand Referral Bonus program, check out our recent blog post on the topic.

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