Subscribe and Save: The Gateway to Customer Loyalty and Increased Margins

The aisles of Amazon's digital marketplace are full and the battle for customer loyalty is fierce. While the pursuit of new customers never ceases, savvy sellers understand the gold mine that is customer retention. Beyond the initial sale lies the art of cultivating a relationship that beckons second, third, and further repeat purchases. It is here that the Subscribe and Save program emerges as a pivotal player in maximizing the Lifetime Value (LTV) of customers, particularly in the consumables sector. 

Why Customer Loyalty Is Your Untapped Gold Mine on Amazon 

Statistics tell a compelling story: your top 10% of customers could be spending three times more per order than the lower 90% (according to RJ Metrics). Adobe E-commerce takes it a step further, suggesting that repeat customers have the potential to spend up to 397% more than new ones. It's clear that loyalty pays off. A modest 5% increase in customer retention could potentially result in a profit surge of up to 85%. But how do you turn a one-time shopper into a loyal subscriber? Strategic advertising. 

The Underutilized Power of Subscribe and Save 

Despite its lucrative potential, only a fraction of Amazon shoppers buy into the Subscribe and Save feature. Yet, those who do spend substantially more annually than the average Prime customer. Imagine tapping into that segment and doubling your revenue from these high-value shoppers. 

Leveraging Amazon’s Insights for Strategic Targeting 

Mapping the shopper journey is essential to lowering Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) and enhancing LTV. Through Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), sellers have access to a treasure trove of analytics and buyer behavior insights. These insights can help you decipher not just the “who” but the “how” and “when” of customer purchases. Are they New-to-Brand (NTB) shoppers, past shoppers, or the coveted loyal shoppers? Each requires a unique approach, a tailored message, and this is where Quartile's technology shines. 

Quartile's AI Edge in Amplifying LTV:CAC 

Quartile's tech goes beyond data analysis with real-time bid adjustment, understanding the nuances of conversion spikes, and strategic keyword investments. The platform empowers sellers to maintain low acquisition costs while directing funds toward nurturing loyalty — the cornerstone of a sustainable business model. 

Read the Full White Paper 

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Sylvio Lindenberg
Sylvio Lindenberg

Co-Founder and CMO at Quartile I Amazon Advertising Optimization