Introducing Quartile for Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC): The Next Step in eCommerce Advertising

The world of eCommerce advertising has seen a massive surge in recent years. With the increasing dominance of Amazon as a retail giant, it has become a crucial channel for brands and agencies seeking to maximize their marketing performance. At Quartile, we recognize the growing need for comprehensive, intuitive advertising tools that enable agencies to leverage the full potential of Amazon's advertising ecosystem. Quartile for Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is a revolutionary solution that empowers brands and agencies to extract and utilize key insights from their Amazon PPC and DSP campaigns. 

Understanding AMC's Significance 

Launched by Amazon, AMC serves as a comprehensive platform for advertisers, offering unparalleled access to data from their pay-per-click (PPC) and Demand Side Platform (DSP) campaigns. This powerful suite provides cross-media insights, enabling sellers, brands and agencies to understand their performance at a more granular level. 

With AMC, Amazon aims to inspire advertisers to explore beyond traditional sponsored product campaigns, promoting increased utilization of DSP, streaming, sponsored display, and more. These upper-funnel campaigns often present a perceived value challenge to advertisers. AMC seeks to dissolve these inhibitions by delivering deeper insights into different campaign types, ad formats, and cross-media dynamics. As a result, agencies can make more strategic decisions on ad budget allocation, investing more confidently in diverse Amazon ad products. 

Such sa ophisticated tool, brings its own set of challenges. The platform is SQL-based, making it daunting for many advertisers to derive valuable insights from the vast data sets it offers. This is where Quartile steps in. 

Quartile for AMC: Making The Complex Simple 

As the world’s largest  retail media optimization platform, Quartile has been at the forefront of leveraging machine learning and data science to simplify eCommerce marketing. We've witnessed the struggle within the industry to deliver clear, in-platform AMC solutions and recognized an opportunity to bridge the gap. 

Our portal now supports AMC functionality, giving users the flexibility to select from a list of preset queries, run or schedule these queries, and export the data. More importantly, you can visualize the results directly within our platform. This development marks a significant step towards making AMC more accessible and useful to agencies of all sizes. 



How Quartile for AMC Benefits Agencies 

For agencies, Quartile for AMC can be a game-changer. The granular insights offered by AMC are now at your fingertips, ready to be explored, understood, and leveraged to enhance your clients' marketing strategies. 

  • Campaign Synergy Analysis: Measure the impact of your advertising campaigns that use a mix of ad products like DSP, Sponsored Products, Sponsored Display, and Sponsored Brands. Analyze how these combinations affect ad-attributed purchase rates, allowing you to better understand which combination is the most effective. 
  • Customer Journey Insights: Dive deep into multi-device customer journeys with AMC. Analyze the path your customers take to conversion across different devices and inventory sources. Uncover inefficiencies in media placement and optimize touchpoints to streamline the customer journey and boost conversions. 
  • Efficient Budget Allocation: Use AMC’s powerful analytics tools to discover the optimal combination of media for your advertising campaigns. Make data-driven decisions to allocate your budget efficiently across DSP, Sponsored Products, Sponsored Display, and Sponsored Brands. 
  • Amplified Conversion Strategy: Identify how blending Amazon DSP with sponsored ads can enhance conversion rates. With AMC’s detailed analytics, fine-tune your strategy by evaluating customer interactions with DSP and sponsored ads, maximizing engagement and conversion. 
  • Advanced Dayparting Analysis: Integrate AMC with Amazon Marketing Stream to conduct sophisticated dayparting analysis. Understand when your audience is most active and receptive, and schedule your ads for those times to maximize impact and ROI. 
  • Brand Engagement Frequency Optimization: AMC enables you to determine the ideal frequency for brand engagement. Evaluate how often you should engage with your audience through ads to build brand recognition before reaching a diminishing return to your investment. 
  • Touchpoint Optimization: Identify critical touchpoints on the customer journey with AMC. Optimize these touchpoints to enhance customer experience, and lead them more effectively towards conversion. 
  • Buyer Persona Development: Leverage AMC to analyze common purchase patterns and build detailed buyer personas. This empowers you to tailor your marketing strategies to meet the specific needs and preferences of different customer segments. 
  • Customized Promotional Strategies: Use AMC to analyze the impact of different ad combinations on different buyer personas. Customize your promotional strategies for each persona, ensuring that your advertising is highly relevant and effective. 
  • Post-Campaign Analytics: After running campaigns with multiple ad products, use AMC to analyze the performance and understand the true Return on Investment (ROI) by channel, ad format or creative. This insight helps you make informed decisions for future campaign strategies. 
  • Attributed Conversion Timing Analysis: Calculate the time it takes for a customer to make an attributed conversion after their last ad exposure. By understanding the typical timeframe between ad interaction and conversion, you can optimize your ad strategies for maximum impact. 
  • New Customer Acquisition Analysis: Utilize this report to identify and measure the impact of New-To-Brand (NTB) purchases. Understand which campaigns are effectively generating new customers for your brand by analyzing the percentage of purchases attributed to NTB compared to repeat customers. 

With Quartile for AMC, the potential for innovative marketing strategies is immense. Agencies now have the power to take full advantage of Amazon's advanced advertising ecosystem and propel their client's performance to new heights. 

Looking Ahead 

As Quartile for AMC continues to evolve, we remain committed to helping agencies navigate the complex waters of eCommerce advertising. The future will bring more integrations, features, and improvements to our platform. We’re excited to continue our journey with you, and together, redefine the future of eCommerce advertising. 

At Quartile, our mission is to make eCommerce advertising simple and effective. We are on a relentless quest to provide the tools that help agencies and brands get the most out of their advertising investment. By democratizing access to AMC and simplifying its use, we're taking a significant step toward achieving that mission. 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, and get ready to leverage Quartile for Amazon Marketing Cloud to take your agency's performance to new levels.

Sylvio Lindenberg
Sylvio Lindenberg

Co-Founder and CMO at Quartile I Amazon Advertising Optimization