Case Study: Quartile's Strategy for an Always-On Boost in Frogglez Goggles Sales

Frogglez Goggles was born from a simple question: How do you make swimming goggles more comfortable for kids? The answer came down to two key components. First, offer a comfortable neoprene strap that never pulls at hair, with Velcro tabs that are completely adjustable, helping avoid the painful headaches associated with most goggles. Second, if the whole point of using goggles is to be able to see clearly, ensure that your lenses are equipped with anti-fog coating and a wide view.  

With a successful, kid-approved design in hand, this independent swim goggles brand was ready to take Amazon by storm. The challenge? Amongst a variety of swim goggles without obvious differentiation, Frogglez Goggles needed a strategy to highlight its product’s uniqueness and benefits.  

Cracking the Code of Making Every Ad Dollar Count 

Frogglez Goggles was looking for a way to capture more market share on Amazon, while spending as strategically as possible. This kid-friendly swimwear goggles brand faced its share of challenges to get the word out. First, swim goggles are a highly competitive category on Amazon, dominated by major brands with deep pockets, plenty of existing recognition, and impressive resources at their command.  

Not only that but swim goggles sales are highly targeted to a limited season; meaning, when Frogglez Goggles was upping its budget for the summer, so was everyone else.  Ultimately, Frogglez Goggles was looking for ways to remain competitive as a small business in a crowded market, increasing its investment in ad spend without eating into its profit margins. 

The objective for Quartile was simple: tightly manage the brand’s KPIs to avoid excessive spending, ensuring every dollar directly increased both sales and the brand’s relevance on Amazon.  

Defensive Maneuvers and Tailored Targeting: Quartile’s Unique Strategy for Frogglez Goggles 

Quartile’s approach to Frogglez Goggles’ advertising strategy was a mix of defensive moves coupled with retargeting.  

First, Quartile ran sponsored brand campaigns to boost brand awareness and distinguish Frogglez Goggles from the competition. Sponsored product targeting (SPT) ads were also used to serve ads to shoppers looking for products in the swim category. This two-pronged approach steered shoppers toward Frogglez Gogglez, even if they had no initial brand awareness. 

The second part of Quartile's strategy was the introduction of a demand-side platform (DSP) in late 2022. This allowed Quartile to programmatically bid on remarketing ads, with the aim of persuading shoppers who had considered Frogglez Goggles to make a purchase. 

Timing was an equally critical factor in the overall strategy. During off-peak seasons (namely winter), Quartile pulled back on spending without compromising visibility. During peak season, Quartile substantially boosted ad parameters to compete more effectively, right when demand for swim gear was at its highest.  

Shattering Expectations and Scaling Up for Next Year 

Establishing a strategic spending rhythm that’s aligned with the seasons has helped Frogglez Goggles grow year-over-year, propelling it to a record-breaking 2023 season. So much so, in fact, that ad spend had to be scaled down to help Frogglez Goggles maintain enough inventory to last through peak season.   

On the brand awareness front, Frogglez Goggles has also made major strides under Quartile’s stewardship, ranking #26 for Swimming Goggles, #43 for Swimming, and #600 in Sports & Outdoors overall.  

Some of the specific results realized by Frogglez Goggles include: 

  • 62% total increase in sales with only a 22% increase in ad spend 
  • 57% decrease in advertising cost of sale (ACOS)  
  • 22% immediate decrease in total advertising cost of sale (TACOS) while maintaining profit margins and sales volumes 
  • 291% increase in organic sales 

Décio Maeda, Customer Strategy Manager at Quartile, succinctly encapsulated the impact of pairing Frogglez Goggles with Quartile’s strategic approach: “This case illustrates the flywheel effect of advertising on product rankings. Boosting the ad spend during peak season significantly improves product rankings, resulting in a disproportional impact on organic sales growth that further keeps Frogglez Goggles ranking better even when we're spending less.” 

As for the future of this rapidly growing swim goggle brand? Company growth projections have been specifically adjusted for 2024 based on the off-the-charts sales over 2023. It just goes to show—having a great product is truly only half the battle. Ensuring people know about it through strategic ad buys is instrumental for the growth of your business on Amazon.  

The Frogglez Goggles success story speaks to both innovation and determination. What started as a simple way to relieve a common problem in the pool has since blossomed into a business that’s not just holding its own in a competitive category but soaring to previously unimaginable heights as it continues to claim market share and awareness on Amazon and beyond. 

Sylvio Lindenberg
Sylvio Lindenberg

Co-Founder and CMO at Quartile I Amazon Advertising Optimization