Amazon Ads Introduces Sponsored Products to Pinterest, Buzzfeed and More, Empowering Quartile Partners to Reach More Potential Shoppers

Amazon Ads announced an exciting new opportunity with premium publishers including Pinterest, Buzzfeed, Hearst, and Ziff Davis Inc. (publisher of Mashable and Life Hacker), extending the reach of Sponsored Products to these platforms. Quartile was honored to participate in the beta of this Amazon Ads solution, and we’re thrilled to fully integrate Sponsored Products beyond Amazon into our technology to develop truly omnichannel campaigns for our partners. 

The new solution considers contextual signals, using machine learning algorithms, to identify the best opportunities to display Sponsored Products across these premium apps and websites. For example, if a shopper is viewing a Pinterest board filled with travel inspiration, relevant Sponsored Products ads like luggage or beachwear sold on Amazon would now be eligible to be featured on Pinterest in that contextually relevant moment. Amazon is helping sellers drive greater discovery, awareness, and consideration by engaging shoppers in the moment of shopping inspiration.  Sponsored Products beyond Amazon can help transform a shopper’s vacation dreams into a reality with easy, contextual shopping. 

“Advertising Sponsored Products beyond the Amazon store will help our partners reach a wide range of shoppers and engage them during highly valuable moments,” says Daniel Knijnik, Co-Founder and CEO of Quartile. “Reaching these shoppers across these other premium websites and apps helps us advance our mission of delivering truly omnichannel advertising to our customers, and nurturing shoppers throughout their purchase journey.” 

Amazon Ads will automatically extend sellers’ Sponsored Products across these premium apps and websites bidding when the products are relevant to the page content. Expanded Sponsored Products will link to sellers’ product pages, making it easy for shoppers to move from discovery to consideration and purchase. Quartile’s algorithm will be able to optimize campaigns based on customer signals on Amazon and across premium websites and apps. 

Amazon introduced Sponsored Products over ten years ago with the goal of making it easier for consumers to shop. This latest update promises to further that mission, making shopping both highly contextual and near instantaneous. 

“Amazon is always evolving its advertising solutions, and this latest advancement promises to bring our partners into an era of contextual advertising where they can reach shoppers actively engaging in content related to their products,” says Sylvio Lindenberg, Co-Founder, and Chief Marketing Officer at Quartile, “We’re excited to see how this transforms our partners' campaigns and enhances our advertising solutions.” 

Learn more about the expansion of Sponsored Products here 

Sylvio Lindenberg
Sylvio Lindenberg

Co-Founder and CMO at Quartile I Amazon Advertising Optimization