The Quartile 2023 Year in Review Benchmark Report: Navigating the Evolving e-Commerce Landscape

Having the right data to navigate 2024 is critical, especially considering the varied challenges and triumphs the world of retail advertising experienced this past year. Available today, the Quartile 2023 Year in Review Benchmark Report is your essential guide through this landscape. It offers a detailed analysis of the past year’s performance from over 5,300 brands across key retail advertising channels, including Amazon, Walmart, Google, Bing, Meta, and Instacart, helping you to understand and leverage these insights for the year ahead. 

2023: A Transformative Year in Retail Advertising 

2023 was a year of transformation, marked by generative AI and sophisticated data analysis tools. These innovations have been pivotal in aiding sellers to craft targeted and cost-effective advertising campaigns. Despite macroeconomic challenges, like inflation, technological advancements have played a crucial role in navigating the evolving market. 

Our report provides a wealth of insights, meticulously compiled to prepare you for a prosperous 2024. The report not only reviews the performance across major retail advertising platforms but also delves into the technologies and capabilities shaping the e-commerce landscape. 

Expert Perspectives 

  • Year in Review for e-Commerce: Insights from Juozas Kaziukėnas, Founder & CEO of Marketplace Pulse, reflecting on key events and trends from 2023  
  • Google Mini Case Study: Featuring DTLR, illustrating successful strategies and outcomes 
  • Walmart Insights: A perspective on advertising and selling on Walmart, courtesy of PurposeBuilt Brands 
  • Data Harvesting Prowess: Insights from Quartile's Data team about our unmatched data harvesting capabilities 
  • The Year Ahead for e-Commerce: Video interview with Daniel Knijnik, Co-founder and CEO of Quartile 

Significant 2023 Metrics 

  • 25% YoY increase in Amazon DSP ROAS 
  • 29% YoY increase in Google Conversion Rate 
  • 38% YoY increase in Walmart AOV 
  • 24% YoY reduction in Meta CPC 

Why the 2023 Benchmark Report Matters 

Staying ahead in e-commerce means having the right data at your fingertips. Our report not only provides this data but interprets it in the context of your specific business needs. Whether it's benchmarking your ROAS against vertical leaders, mapping the surge in Walmart's AOV or analyzing the drop in Meta's CPC, this report is an essential tool for every ambitious seller. 

Your 2024 Playbook 

As you continue to build your strategy for 2024, our 2023 Year in Review Benchmark Report is an indispensable roadmap for navigating the dynamic landscape of online retail. This comprehensive report does more than recount past trends, it equips you with critical insights to make data-driven decisions, strategically refine your approach, and seize emerging opportunities.  

Unlock your potential and elevate your e-commerce strategy with Quartile: 

Dive into the full report to explore these insights and strategies for a triumphant 2024.   

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