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Flexible campaign structure and advanced rules-based optimizations for maximum performance


Quartile is the Winner at the Amazon Ads Partner Awards

Quartile is excited to announce we're the winners of the US Scaled Technology Award at the annual Amazon Ads Partner Awards. 


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Distinguish Your Brand and Supercharge Sales with Quartile’s Patented Optimization Technologies

  • Six proprietary, machine learning technologies optimize your e-commerce business across online marketing channels in 48 hours

  • Set your goals and the system does the rest, optimizing campaigns down to the product and keyword level

  • Seamlessly blend your cross-channel e-commerce marketing campaigns via one platform

  • Flat-rate fee structure based on total ad spend; no commissions, add-ons, or extra fees

  • Dedicated client success managers ensure the system is working for you

Powered by True Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Quartile’s technology is powered by six patents spanning machine learning, artificial intelligence, and optimization algorithms built from the ground up to supercharge e-commerce advertising across Google Ads, Amazon, Amazon DSP, Facebook, Walmart and Instacart.

These technologies integrate thousands of customer touchpoints to build and execute campaigns down to the individual product and keyword level – no more manual management of ad groups in disparate ad platforms.


The Quartile Platform is the Key to Your Success

One platform, every site

Manage your e-commerce marketing for every major advertising channel via one single platform

Hit your goal, while achieving scale

Set your optimization priorities and let Quartile’s patented technologies do the rest

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Optimize at the product level

Unlock true performance boosts with a one-to-one campaign to product optimization

Complete reporting and attribution

Find out what is really making your sales soar with unified measurement and attribution reporting for every advertising channel.

Never miss an opportunity

Our dedicated client success team ensures you take advantage of the true power of the Quartile platform and builds a strategy catered to your unique goals.

Client and Partner Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it, hear from our clients and partners about how Quartile has improved their sales across every major marketing channel.

"Working with Quartile gives us more time to focus on industry trends and make sure we’re staying relevant. We’re able to dig into our business and share important information with our Quartile team, and then they incorporate it into a strategy that makes sense for our business. For us, that’s a major win."
Joe Schaefer President, OfficeSupply.com
“Quartile's Amazon Attribution integration put Facebook, Instagram, and Google engagement metrics alongside Amazon conversion and sales metrics. This allowed us to create a truly full-funnel strategy that led to over 100% sales growth for our brand on Amazon this year.”
Gordon Gould SmartyPants Vitamins
"With Quartile’s technology, we’re able to convert a ton of data into actionable insights. We know that the algorithms are working for us 24/7 and allowing us to optimize bids in real-time at an individual product level."
Pooja Shah Director of Corporate Marketing, Agile Medical
"The #1 benefit we’re getting from Quartile’s technology is that it can optimize all the marketing channels that matter to us, while taking almost none of our time."
Mike Fisch Director of Innovation, Gary’s Wine

What Makes Quartile Great

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Quartile, the world's largest e-commerce cross-channel advertising platform, is excited to announce..

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Increasing Brand Valuation

Quartile’s New Study Reveals the Valuation Multiplier Formula for Online Sellers


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The World’s Largest E-Commerce Cross-Channel Ad Platform.

Quartile is the world’s largest e-commerce cross-channel advertising platform. Built on six patented machine learning technologies, the platform automates and optimizes e-commerce advertising on Google, Facebook, Amazon, Instacart, Walmart, and more. Quartile pairs technology with leading marketing experts who can create a strategy that’s tailored to your business goals. Thousands of sellers worldwide trust Quartile’s full-funnel optimization approach to unlock the full potential of their selling and advertising across multiple channels, fully integrated and at scale.