Boldify Restores Amazon Performance and Achieves Record Sales Growth During Peak Season


Founded in 2016, Boldify is a leading haircare brand that creates products to enrich hair health and appearance through a proprietary blend of well-researched ingredients. Boldify initially partnered with Quartile to boost Amazon sales and stand out in a highly competitive landscape, as haircare is one of the top products sold within the beauty and personal care category. Despite the challenge, Boldify experienced performance increases across multiple KPIs while working with Quartile.

Navigating an e-commerce landscape marked by rapid changes and uncertainty, Boldify opted to explore alternative solutions and end its partnership with Quartile. During the brand’s time working with another agency that used a competitor’s platform, Boldify did not experience the same positive results and ultimately decided to return. From there, the Quartile team worked to quickly relaunch their campaigns in time for a critical peak season.


Maximizing peak season 
opportunities with a flexible 
campaign structure 

The agency Boldify used mishandled a SKU, significantly impacting performance, profits, and revenue. When Boldify returned to Quartile in September one year later, the team needed to relaunch their campaigns as quickly as possible to maximize Q4 opportunities, which is historically the brand’s best-performing season. Ahead of Cyber 5—the critical five-day period between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday—the Quartile team implemented a single keyword strategy with Quartile One to optimize bids, budgets, and ad placements on an hourly basis. This granular, AI-driven approach isolated all variables, algorithms, and systems to tap into every possible opportunity.

In addition to single keyword ad groups, Boldify leveraged Quartile Versa capabilities to customize their campaigns with rules-based optimizations. This flexible approach enabled Boldify to have greater autonomy and meet their specific business goals while reaping the benefits of Quartile’s advanced AI at the same time. The system eliminated low-performing keywords and prioritized top-performing keywords and ad placements to accelerate the learning curve. This brought bidding back to a competitive level, given that it hadn’t been optimized for an extended period.

 “A few weeks after we returned to Quartile, we noticed a significant boost in efficiency,” says Mike Viskovich, Founder and CEO at Boldify. “Their superior AI restored our account and performance was better than ever within weeks. We attribute a meaningful portion of growth we’ve witnessed since then to Quartile’s expertise. The team not only rectified our Amazon account, but also contributed significantly to our overall business success.”

Boosting sales growth by 23% while 
reducing ACoS and TACoS

Combining the granularity of the single keyword campaign approach with the autonomy that Quartile Versa offers resulted in a steady increase in Boldify’s total sales. Ad sales surged 13.7% in October and continued to grow throughout the following months, reaching a peak in February. Sales grew 16% in February compared to September.  
Quartile’s strategy also helped Boldify reduce its advertising cost of sales (ACoS) by 16% from August to October, and an additional 21% by January. Simultaneously, the total advertising cost of sales (TACoS) decreased by 15% from August to January. Cost per click (CPC) also decreased after Boldify returned to Quartile. This reduction was largely due to implementing a streamlined structure and dynamic real-time bid optimization, which collectively resulted in an 18% decrease from September to January. 
Overall, total sales grew 23% year over year (YoY) in January and February. This outcome indicates that Boldify generated more sales while spending less on advertising, making their efforts more efficient. Ultimately, Quartile enabled Boldify to maximize their budget and take a highly targeted approach to maximize peak season opportunities. 


Returning to Quartile and 
restoring performance

Quartile shapes smart strategies and drives profitable growth for thousands of customers. At the same time, we understand that brands and sellers sometimes test new avenues for growth. Our commitment to building trusted partnerships and meeting every customer’s needs means they have the flexibility to return at any time. If you’re considering a return to Quartile, don’t hesitate to reach out—our team is ready to help get your business back on track. 

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