The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Business on with Quartile

It’s crucial to take advantage of selling on multiple eCommerce platforms to expand your brand's growth potential in an increasingly diverse online marketplace. Expanding your reach to include Walmart's marketplace not only diversifies your sales channels but also taps into an incremental pool of over 150 million shoppers. Whether you're considering making the leap or have already dabbled in Walmart's platform, this comprehensive guide is your one-stop resource. From signing up to ad optimization, we'll walk you through it all, highlighting how Quartile's machine-learning technology can give you the edge you need. 

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 Why Choose Walmart's Marketplace? presents an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Walmart offers a more untapped terrain, giving your brand the chance to dominate a growing market. With Quartile, you can strategically scale your business by leveraging our proprietary technology that utilizes real data for performance growth. 

 Getting Started: Sign-Up and Integration 
  • Walmart Application Process: Prepare your business details in advance such as your tax ID and method of integration. Then, begin your application here. 
  • Walmart-Shopify Integration: If you're already on Shopify or other online stores, streamline the set-up process by adding Walmart as a channel to sync data seamlessly. 
  • Quartile's Role: Quartile’s machine learning platform can help you manage and optimize your campaigns dynamically across different platforms including Walmart, ensuring your transition is as smooth as possible. 
  • Quartile’s Dedicated Customer Strategy Manager: A dedicated team leveraging years of marketing and search expertise focused on maximizing your results. 
Commonly Asked Questions 
  • Walmart Seller Help Guides: These are your go-to resource for in-depth answers to most common questions. 
  • Walmart Seller Support: If the guides don’t cover what you need, Walmart also provides live chat support for unique queries. 
  • Walmart Seller Academy: This is Walmart’s learning portal, offering a blend of Quickstart guides, videos, and newsletters. 
Walmart Programs to Boost Your Business 
  • Walmart+: Walmart's loyalty program offers features like free shipping and in-store scan and checkout. 
  • Pro Seller Badge: Earn this badge by meeting performance criteria and instill more confidence in potential buyers. 
Mastering Order Fulfillment 
Fine-Tune Your Advertising with Quartile 
  • Walmart Connect: Utilize Walmart’s search and display solutions to help customers discover your products. 
  • Quartile's Advertising Technology: Our AI-powered platform is optimized for growth, dynamically managing your campaigns and keywords to ensure you achieve your business goals. Easily build different campaign combinations for Sponsored Brands and Products and set specific goals for each. On average, our customers who launch with us for Walmart Connect see1 
        1. 38% increase in Revenue 
        2. 41% increase in Conversions 
        3. 18% increase in ROAS 
        4. 33% increase in Conversion Rate 

1First 90 days YoY Cross-Channel Growth After Launching with Quartile for Walmart Connect 

Quartile’s machine-learning platform can provide the growth you’ve been searching for.

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Elevate Your Business to New Heights 

The road to eCommerce success is multifaceted, and offers a fertile ground full of opportunities that are too valuable to overlook. From the initial steps of registration and setup to the intricate details of order fulfillment and advertising optimizations, Walmart's ecosystem provides a robust platform that can not only accommodate but also significantly amplify your e-commerce endeavors. 

Whether you're making the leap from other platforms or are a newcomer in the eCommerce space, our guide aims to serve as a comprehensive resource to simplify your journey. We've delved into key areas like common setup questions, Walmart programs, and strategies for gathering reviews, among others, to give you an edge in a competitive marketplace. 

But we understand that reading about it is just the starting point. That's why we invite you to take the next step: Book a demo with us to learn how you can further optimize your operations with Walmart Connect. With expert insights and tailored solutions, you can supercharge your Walmart business, taking it from ordinary to exceptional. 

Seize this opportunity and step into the future of eCommerce. Your path to success on starts here. 

Sylvio Lindenberg
Sylvio Lindenberg

Co-Founder and CMO at Quartile I Amazon Advertising Optimization