As Global Commerce Media Investment Accelerates, Quartile Continues Growth with Exclusive Legoliss Partnership in Japan

[Tokyo, Japan] - Quartile, a global leader in AI-driven bid optimization for ecommerce advertising, is thrilled to announce its exclusive partnership with Legoliss Co., Ltd., to expand its innovative software solutions to Japan. This strategic alliance, forged after an extensive vetting process, signifies a significant step in Quartile's international expansion, showcasing its recent success in ad management. 

“Our partnership with Legoliss isn’t just about bringing Quartile’s AI edge to Japan; it’s about fusing our proven technology with their unmatched local expertise.” Quartile founder and CEO Daniel Knijnik said. “Together, we’re creating a powerhouse to propel Japanese brands and sellers to e-commerce dominance.” 

Quartile's state-of-the-art technology, renowned for revolutionizing ad management through AI-powered bid optimization, will now be accessible to Japanese agencies, brands, and sellers. This expansion is poised to benefit both current and future clients of Quartile and Legoliss Co., Ltd., by combining Quartile's cutting-edge technology with Mitsui's extensive market reach and expertise. 

Furthermore, Quartile will collaborate closely with Legoliss Inc., a subsidiary of Mitsui, to offer unparalleled retail media and ecommerce advertising optimization software in Japan. Legoliss, a data-driven marketing firm with deep connections and partnerships within the Japanese market, brings invaluable expertise and relationships. This collaboration ensures the seamless integration and scaling of Quartile's top-tier technology in the region. 

The union of Quartile's global leadership in AI bid optimization and Legoliss's market-specific insights promises to transform the landscape of ecommerce advertising in Japan. Clients can look forward to benefiting from enhanced ad performance, greater efficiency, and deeper market penetration, thanks to this synergistic partnership. 

This expansion marks a pivotal moment for Quartile,  and Legoliss, as they combine forces to redefine the standards of ecommerce advertising in Japan. Quartile's commitment to innovation and excellence, paired with Mitsui's legacy and Legoliss's market acumen, sets the stage for a new era of digital advertising success in one of the world's most dynamic markets. 

About Quartile

Quartile, a global leader in AI-driven bid optimization, has transformed the landscape of ecommerce advertising with its innovative solutions. Renowned for its success in ad management, Quartile leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled results for clients worldwide. 

About Legoliss Inc.

A subsidiary of Mitsui, Legoliss Inc. is a data-driven marketing firm deeply ingrained in the Japanese market. Known for its strong brand connections and agency partnerships, Legoliss brings a wealth of expertise and local insights crucial for scaling technology solutions in Japan. 

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