Unleashing Success: How Quartile Elevated a Leading Office Supplier's Summer Campaign

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the competition can be challenging, especially when the summer season hits and sales tend to slow down. However, one leading office supply manufacturer found an innovative solution to maintain their advertising investment and significantly boost their ROAS.  

In this case study, we delve into how this company harnessed the power of Quartile's cutting-edge technology to revamp its Amazon PPC advertising strategy, setting the stage for a successful Back-to-School season. 

Our client, a prominent office supply manufacturer, approached us in May 2023 with a clear goal: to enhance their Amazon PPC advertising strategy for the summer months and beyond. As the traditionally slower summer season approached, they sought to leverage new technology and automation to scale their efforts and combat the post-summer slowdown. 

From Declining ROAS to Dynamic Transformation 

Before turning to Quartile, our client used a competitive bid technology. Despite their best efforts to optimize their advertising through rule-based approaches, their ROAS was steadily declining. Realizing the need for a more advanced solution that harnesses the power of machine learning and enhances campaign strategy, they sought a change. 

The primary objective was crystal clear: maintain advertising investment while significantly improving ROAS. This improvement was not only essential to solidify their existing budget but also to secure additional resources to expand their presence in the channel. 

The Quartile Advantage: Strategic Revamp 

Rather than radically changing their campaign structure, we decided to implement Quartile's innovative "Campaign Import" feature. This approach involved importing existing campaigns into the Quartile platform, unlocking the full potential of Quartile AI. Key aspects activated included bid modifiers, placement modifiers, and budget optimizations. 

Bid Adjustment technology allowed us to optimize bid values at the campaign level based on near real-time performance observations. This dynamic adjustment ensured that our bids were always aligned with the campaign's objectives. 

Budget Adjustment technology was instrumental in dynamically adjusting budgets across the account's campaigns. This prevented budgets from capping out and ensured that budget allocation favored campaigns with stronger performance. 

Placement Modifier technology enabled us to optimize bids based on ad placement. This level of granular optimization was crucial because competition, CPCs, and conversion rates vary across placements based on the product or keyword ad target. 

Unlocking Success: Six Weeks of Remarkable Results 

In a mere six weeks of partnering with Quartile, the results spoke volumes: 

  • Conversion Rate More Than Doubled: Quartile's innovative approach drove higher numbers of qualified shoppers to the product listings, resulting in a remarkable doubling of the conversion rate. 
  • CPC Decreased by an Impressive 46%: The cost efficiency of our advertising efforts improved significantly, with CPCs decreasing by a substantial 46%. 
  • ACOS Reduced by 71%: The Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) experienced a dramatic reduction from 50% to a mere 14%, showcasing the effectiveness of our strategy. 
  • Cost Per Acquisition Slashed by 75%: The Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) saw an astounding 75% reduction, solidifying the financial gains achieved during this campaign. 

This transformative shift in performance demonstrates the prowess of Quartile's platform and its ability to yield tangible and impactful outcomes in a short span of time. The partnership between our client, the anonymous office supply manufacturer, and Quartile has not only revitalized their summer campaign but has also set a strong foundation for future growth. As the Back-to-School season approaches, they are well-equipped to seize opportunities, thanks to Quartile's innovative solutions and data-driven approach.

Sylvio Lindenberg
Sylvio Lindenberg

Co-Founder and CMO at Quartile I Amazon Advertising Optimization