Hourly Bidding Optimization

Quartile launches unique dayparting bid optimization across all campaigns based on near real-time updates on key ad campaign metrics

We are excited to announce the launch of hourly bidding optimization. For the first time, businesses using Quartile for their Amazon advertising campaigns can now take advantage of near real-time consumer purchase signals. Quartile’s algorithm automatically recalculates, adjusts, and optimizes campaign bids based on intra-day aggregated performance fluctuations.

This unique feature uses Amazon Marketing Stream, recently released from an invitation-only closed beta program.

“Amazon Marketing Stream adds a new layer of granular information for precise targeting and optimization. Having this information in near real-time is a game-changer for brands and sellers on Amazon,” said Daniel Knijnik, CEO of Quartile.




Take the sales patterns of a typical coffee brand and a typical sleep aid supplement on Amazon, as shown in the graph above. Consumer purchasing behavior fluctuates over a given 24-hour period with a clear pattern of conversion peaks and troughs at various times. Amazon consumers are looking for and purchasing coffee in the morning – and seeking sleep aids during the evening.

Until the introduction of Amazon Marketing Stream, this level of granular purchase intent data was not available on the platform. Now, Quartile advertising system can adjust and optimize metrics such as cost per click, budget, and placement of ads based on the time of day and purchase signals based on this data stream.

This new level of Amazon advertising sophistication means that advertisers can now be even more assertive. With Quartile’s advanced AI and machine learning crunching the numbers and optimizing campaign variables multiple times a day, advertisers can respond to trends nimbly, adjusting bids according to consumer demand – with a corresponding rise in improvement in their results.

To find out how Quartile’s new hourly bidding feature can optimize your Amazon advertising campaigns, please schedule a demo today.




Sylvio Lindenberg
Sylvio Lindenberg

Co-Founder and CMO at Quartile I Amazon Advertising Optimization