Hourly Optimization Improves Amazon Advertising ROI by 10% or More

We know that running ads when your customers are more likely to buy improves business outcomes like conversion rates and ROI, but now Quartile has the data to prove it.

This summer, nearly 200 advertisers participated in our new hourly optimization feature beta, and the data is super exciting. During the month of July 2021, we saw daily conversion rates improve by nearly 5%, while advertising’s cost of sales dropped by more than 10%.

The combination of increased frequency of conversion data and artificial intelligence-powered optimizations can make thousands of daily updates to Quartile client’s ad campaigns. We now know that these updates caused a steady decline in ad spend as a cost of sales as the system finds cost-saving opportunities while increasing the total sales volume.

Patterns Emerge in Amazon Advertising Results
amazon advertising hourly data

Not surprisingly, we see a similar pattern in the average click and cost-per-click data as well. In the first week, both the clicks and conversion rates dip slightly as the system learns about the typical buying patterns of shoppers for specific products. After the first seven days, we see the total clicks rise, while average conversion rates start to rise after about ten days.

These improvements occurred regardless of product category and campaign optimization target, proving that increased data frequency helps to improve sales and ad effectiveness.

amazon advertising hourly click data

What powers Hourly Optimization for Amazon Advertising?

A new data feed from Amazon Advertising provides conversion reporting on an hourly basis and plugs directly into Quartile's machine learning algorithm, identifying periods of increased buying activity on Amazon. Then, our artificial intelligence-powered campaign automation adjusts CPC bids to win more impressions during peak conversion periods and vice-versa during off-peak hours, increasing the total number of clicks received. Advertising at peak conversion periods increases advertising efficiency: Our data show that average daily orders increased by 26% while clicks increased by 17%, meaning Quartile advertisers needed fewer clicks to get more sales overall!

Great, how can I activate hourly optimization for my campaigns?

Learn more about how hourly optimization works by watching our Friday Feature webinar on the topic! Current Quartile clients can schedule a call with their account manager to see how this feature can positively impact their existing campaigns today, and new sellers can schedule a demo with one of our experienced reps now!

Michael Froggatt
Michael Froggatt

Senior Director, Marketing Programs